Unclaimed Millions, Money for Christmas

unclaimed millions

Unclaimed millions, could you cash in?

After reading in the news the other day that there is $677 of unclaimed millions waiting to be claimed in Australia, in either forgotten Superannuation accounts, Investments or forgotten Bank Accounts etc., I started thinking about what I could cash in on.

Well after of course doing a search for my name and nothing coming up, I thought “What do we have that could be “sitting” somewhere for us to claim, and turn into $$ in our hands?”

Finding your unclaimed millions

And then up came an email from a Frequent Flyer program that we are a member of.

I didn’t think we had many points in this F/Flyer program at all in the past and so I didn’t even think previously to look, and to my surprise there was a total of 63,000 points, (after transferring points from one family member to another)!!! What a pleasant surprise!!!

Converting our points to cash (our share of the unclaimed millions)

These points that I found were not necessary the unclaimed millions that the news reports were talking about sitting in Bank accounts around the Country, but in this day and age we have to be resourceful and think of what we have that we could easily “cash in”.

So after finding our share of the unclaimed millions, we now have the equivalent of $425 in shopping gift cards for a grocery store.

So now I will use those gift cards for our food shopping, and the cash that I would have used for food, put it towards Christmas presents etc.

So my point is this… what do you have that is just “sitting” there, that you have forgotten about? Not many of us have that unclaimed millions, but you could have $25 or in my case $425. Either way it is money better off in your hands to either invest in, or put towards something like Christmas. Wouldn’t you agree?

It’s time now to look around for your “unclaimed millions” so you could have that money for Christmas.