Top 7 Social Manners for Kids

My husband and I were just having this conversation the other day, in fact every time we have a social gathering we have this same conversation.

I don’t know about you but at every social gathering when I was a child, EVEN back in the hippy days of the early 70’s, when it came to things like speaking to an adult, my manners had to be 100%. My Mother was even a single parent so there is no excuse for parent today to say that manners are just too hard to teach.

From the small things from “don’t interrupt the adults when they are talking” to “wait until the adults have served themselves food and then you can serve yourself”, I believe are the type of manners that all children should be taught. Somehow today I think we have gotten everything upside down and back to front as parents, when it come to manners for kids.

Children should be taught a variety of manners as it helps with socialisation throughout the age gaps. For example an 80 year old will ALWAYS make note of a 8 year old with good manners and love to interact with them.

Top 7 Social Manners for Kids as a Starting point:

  1. Say Please when asking.
  2. Say Thank You when receiving.
  3. Say Excuse Me after bumping into someone.
  4. Put down your electronics when someone enters the room.
  5. Look people in the eye when speaking.
  6. Let others finish before you speak.
  7. Greet people with Hi and How are you?

Have you ever encountered a child with awesome manners? I have, and every time, I always compliment the parent, and hold that child in a much higher regard.

I’d like other adults to think this way about my kids too. There is some work to go yet in our family, and probably every family, but that’s the nature of being a kid and learning.