Tired and Grumpy Kids

When we have tired and grumpy kids (ie. are simply emotional and tired) the first thing we can tend to forget is to pay attention to their internal nourishment.

Whenever my girls spend time away from home even for a night I can always tell want kind of foods they have eaten and how much water they have drunk, by the state of their moods in regards to being tired and grumpy.

Our children may be too young to realise it but a “wholefoods approach” is the way to go. Good, nourishing food is what brings the bounce back to tired and grumpy kids and puts a smile back on their face. Frequent illness, anxiety, tiredness or simply feeling sad can all deplete energy as well.

Sometimes we can simply react to our tired and grumpy kids with discipline if they are rude or disrespectful, but it is best take a breath yourself and follow the below.

  • Ask your child to have a large glass of water to drink.
  • Ask your child to go and have a rest in their room doing something quiet like reading. You will find most of the time they will go to sleep. Once they are ready to come out ask them to have another glass of water.
  • Ask your child when did they have a last bowel movement. Sometimes this is the answer to a lot of tired and grumpy kids problems.
  • Give your child some of the following foods to nurture them back to health:
    • Kiwifruit – Full of fibre, a kiwi aids digestion and can soothe a sore tummy.
    • Super greens – Good ways to include super greens in your kid’s diet are by adding the powder to smoothies, mixing into energy bars or stirring into yoghurt.
    • Bananas – Bananas are an instant source of energy to power muscles but at the same time they can calm anxiety due to the high levels of B6 that help the brain produce the relaxing hormone serotonin. Full of fibre, the energy they provide is released slowly plus nature’s energy snack comes in its own wrapping. Kids go crazy over banana smoothies mixed with wheatgerm, honey, cinnamon and low-fat milk, or simply banana with yoghurt dip.
    • Avocados – Most kids get too much of the wrong fats but avocados contain the type of fats that are perfect for growing bodies. Spread on bread or crackers instead of butter, use as a dip or cut up in salads.
    • Raw nuts and seeds – Nuts and seeds make convenient, healthy snack foods that can take the edge off hunger without the added carbohydrates and sugar of most other snack foods. Great nut choices include almonds, brazil nuts, cashews, pecans, pistachios, macadamias and walnuts. Seeds include sunflower, sesame, flax and pumpkin (all unsalted). These delicious, natural foods are high in protein and healthy unsaturated fats. Mix them into anything and everything from bakes, smoothies and salads or enjoy them on their own.
    • Dates – The sweet, caramel-like taste of dates make them a hit with kids, satisfying their sweet tooth while providing energy and vitamins. Dates also contain small amounts of almost every essential mineral: nutrients that play a role in red blood cell production, energy metabolism, growth and development and skin health, the nervous system and the digestive system.
    • Oranges – Just a sniff of a fresh orange can give an uplifting feeling. If you have tired and grumpy kids in the mornings, try including an orange in their day to offer vitality and improve their concentration at school. Generally, citrus fruits have the highest antioxidant activity of all fruits, helping to boost the immune system. Serve as fresh or frozen portions and try to eat whole instead of juicing so you maintain the fibre content.

These are just some of many nurturing foods that (when combined with plenty of water to drink) will energise your kids’ hardworking little bodies.


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