Tips to Family Devotions

Proverbs 22:6 “Train up a child in the way he should go, Even when he is old he will not depart from it.”

Family Devotion time is a great start to include God in your home and teaching your children “in they should go”. Family devotions is specifically a time set aside from the busyness of life to focus the attention on your family and on the things of God. With today’s busy schedules, when do you find the time? Where to you start, etc, etc?

I hope these tips to family devotions are helpful for you today:

Tips to Family Devotions #1

Have a plan and choose a family devotion together as a family. Visit a good Christian bookshop or if one is not in your local area then go online to an online store, either way choose a family devotion that looks interesting to your kids. Either buy a hardcopy – which I always personally prefer – or Ebook style which are great if you want instant access. Make sure that each devotion is not pages and pages long as your children will lose interest. Keep it age appropriate.

Tips to Family Devotions #2

Keep it short and sweet. You will want to keep each family devotion about 10-15 minutes long because of your child’s attention span. If it goes longer because you are having a great family chat, then let it go for as long as everyone is interested and enjoying themselves.

Tips to Family Devotions #3

Pick a regular time for your family devotion and make it a habit. Establishing a consistent time for family devotions is crucial. Without a regular time that is reserved for family devotions, it simply becomes too easy to let other demands crowd this time out. Pick a time that is least likely to be interrupted by other activities and stick with it until it becomes a regular habit. Choose a time that works for everyone and don’t just try to squish it in if your family has sporting commitment etc. Choose once a week perhaps when there are no other family commitments or choose several times a week, decide between morning or night and test these times out to see what works best for your family.

Tips to Family Devotions #4

Everyone gets a turn to read. Unless they are too young of course, but if they are keen then definitely give them a chance. When everyone has a chance to read it gets everyone involved and enables the kids to practice all those Bible words. If your child has reading as a part of their homework then this a great time for that opportunity.

Tips to Family Devotions #5

Aim for transformation, not just information. While it’s wonderful for your kids to know Bible stories, remember Bible facts, and retain information about the Bible, the goal with your family devotion is not just for your kids to retain information, we want to see life transformation brought about by the Holy Spirit of God!

Tips to Family Devotions #6

Keep Them Real. Make sure your children know that you are not infallible.  If you have wronged them in any way, ask for forgiveness and explain how you want to handle yourself next time.  Provide a model of grace, humility, and forgiveness for them to follow.

Tips to Family Devotions #7

Keep Them Growing. Think of practical ways that you can each apply what you have learned in the devotions.  Be the first to apply the lesson.  Deliberately look for love in action in your children or spouse.  Encourage one another.

Tips to Family Devotions #8

Have fun! The last thing you want is to see your kids roll there eyes each time family devotions get mentioned so keep it light and fun and pray for inspiration from the Holy Spirit so your kids get heaps out of each time spent together.
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