The Importance of Family Routines

Did you know that a family routine is important to children. Family routines help keeping the family running, organized and help stop things turning into chaos. Your children and your family will function best when your family routines is consistent (just like every other part of parenting).

Children want to feel secure in what is happening next and family routines can bring that structure to a household. There can be a challenge however that a routine can become boring and if there is little flexibility. But when you can laugh and smile and have fun as a family along the way, this a great way to stop the boredom arising. Just be aware though that “life” does happen along the way and there may be interruptions to the routine ie. an illness, just move on from that moment and get back to your family routine as soon as possible.

The Importance of Family Routines from Monday to Friday

  1. For a household to run and function smoothly in the morning from Monday to Friday every family member has to know what needs to be done to get ready. Try these to help your family routine.
  • We found it helpful to make a list of tasks for the morning (and for after school) for our children when they were young (in simple words). We would always directed them back to the list to see “what’s next on the list” so that we as parents didn’t have to think of where everyone was up to for the morning.
  • Keep the morning positive and cheerful.
  • Be sure that everyone eats a healthy breakfast.
  • Keep your goodbye’s positive with a hug and a kiss on the cheek and tell your child to have a great day and that you love them. This helps your child to move on from any of those negative things that may have slipped out in the morning out of frustration, and helps them to know that they can come home to a loving family that is not going to hold grudges.
  1. After School a family routine is still very important.

Not having a parent at home when a child comes home from school can cause your child to suffer from anxiety or be susceptible to misbehaviour and risk-taking, from the ages of 7-13. If a parent is not going to be at home after school hours try making arrangements with a responsible and older relative, family friend, or after-school program where there is supervision.

  1. The importance of an Evening family routines.

As often as possible have every family member eat at the dinner table together, turning off the TV and other distractions. You will be amazed at the great conversations that arise. Be sure not to rush off after dinner if everyone is enjoying chatting together. Talk about what happened in everyone’s days and discourage negative comments and criticisms.

  1. The importance of a Bedtime family routines.
  • Keep a regular bedtime
  • Lights can go out for different times for different ages of each child.
  • Keep a bedtime ritual of storytelling with picture books.
  • Avoid games on devices.


Weekend Family Routines can be just as important as the Weekdays.

  • We have found that obviously the weekend family routine is a lot more flexible than during the week. We like to start our Saturday mornings with a yummy breakfast like pancakes and bacon, and then get our family chores done(which everyone gets involved with) and then enjoy time together going shopping or going out to the beach in the summer or staying at home and be creative with a project of cooking etc. and then at night visit friends, have friends over or have a movie night together at home.
  • On a Sunday we love going to our Church, come home to lunch and then hangout as a family playing a family game depending on our girls school commitments to study and homework.
  • During the weekend we allow our girls to stay up later on the Friday and Saturday nights.