The Importance of Drinking Water

What do you regularly drink?

As a baby one of our girls found it very hard to drink water, she used to choke on it if I gave it to her in between her milk feeds. I’m not sure why to this day and so we thought we were being good parents and gave her juices instead. This went on for quite a few years until we until we realised how much sugar was in those juices and even the “unsweetened” juices were just as bad.

Hence today you will not find juice in our cupboard or fridge and both our girls only drink water (except on special occasions) and only take that to school as a drink. We are blessed to have rain water (which we still do filter due to particles that get in the tanks) and so our girls will take water from home as it tastes so much better.

I love it as our girls get older, the things we have been telling them for years they are learning at school, and as we all know if you get told something from someone else, apart from your parents, then it must be right!! Hahahaha!! Our youngest come home the other day and started giving us all the benefits of drinking water… we just sat there and smiled 🙂

Today the importance of drinking water is very relevant and highly researched, and drinking water has become quite “trendy”. Well bring it on I say, if it’s trendy to consume a free natural resource, then how can we go wrong!

The Importance of Drinking Water, 10 Benefits

  1. Increases Energy & Relieves Fatigue
  2. Promotes Weight Loss
  3. Flushes Out Toxins
  4. Improves Skin Complexion
  5. Maintains Regularity – ie. prevents constipation.
  6. Boosts Immune System
  7. Natural Headache Remedy
  8. Prevents Cramps & Sprains
  9. Puts You in a Good Mood
  10. Save Money! – Water is FREE! Even if you choose bottled/filtered water, it’s STILL cheaper than that high sugar and fat-filled latte!

5 Ways to Make it Easier to Drink Water

  1. Drink 1 (300ml) glass of water when you get up in the morning.
  2. Buy (if you don’t have one) a 2 litre jug and fill it each day – that’s your goal for the day.
  3. Drink 1 (300ml) glass of water every hour starting at 7am and you’ll be done by 4pm.
  4. When you go out take a 600ml (and refill from a tap if you are out all day) with you. This is lighter and more convenient than 1 litre bottle.
  5. If your water takes bad then squeeze in some lemon, lime and/or mint. NO artificial sweeteners or additives though.

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