The Importance of Breakfast for Kids

Why is starting our day and our kids day so important?

By getting into a good habit of starting a day with breakfast, this creates something your children can carry through life, so a healthy breakfast for kids each day is the best thing to do.

One of four kids in Australia skip or don’t have breakfast, it’s the most important meal of the day.

Hungry children (and adults) can lose concentration, can become tired, grumpy, have no energy for play and exercise, then when they do eat they only crave and snack on unhealthy “convenience” foods, such as chips, cakes, biscuits etc, which are high in fats and sugar, to receive that energy high.

Sugary breakfast cereals don’t count as a healthy breakfast for kids or for anyone, keep these aside for a special occasion like a holiday or even the weekend, and you can truly see how your child responds to the high levels of sugar and preservatives. Remember you are the one who pays for the food and goes shopping, if you have a battle with your child at the supermarket not buying the cereal they want then don’t give into their demands. Give them a choice between a couple of good tasting cereal (but low in sugar). Or maybe they actually don’t like cereal and would like other options, offer some toast with an egg or 2.

Here are a couple of healthy, easy and yummy breakfasts for kids to keep them happy:

  • Quick and Easy Ideas for kids breakfast
  • Low sugar cereal with milk, yoghurt and/or fruit
  • Wholegrain toast, raisin bread or muffins
  • Fresh fruit with yoghurt
  • Fruit smoothies made with fresh or canned fruit
  • Porridge with warm milk and stewed fruit

If you have a little more time for breakfast:

  • Omelette with lean ham and tomatoes
  • Boiled egg with bread fingers (cut slices of bread into dipping sized portions)
  • Pancakes with fresh fruit filling
  • Wholegrain toast or fresh bread with eggs (not fried), baked beans, cooked mushrooms or tomatoes
  • Plain wholegrain muffin with lean bacon and cooked tomatoes

Handy tip: Discourage your child from eating breakfast in front of the television. This can also help speed up your morning routines!

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