Table Manners for Kids – 5 Simple Tips

Believe it or not kids thrive on learning and boundaries. Have you taught your kids acceptable table manners?

Our girls are 17 and 14 and we are still teaching them certain table manners (hahaha) Table Manners are especially important for when we are at our friends houses for meals or we have guests to our place. There is nothing worse than having to remind our teenage children about manners as it becomes embarrassing for them and us, but at least by the embarrassment they may learn for next time.

We all have to learn someday and the best place to learn table manners is at home EVERYDAY. So even if we as parents repeat the same message day in and day out we are hoping that at some stage our conversations about table manners might just one day sink in and “click”.

Here are 5 Simple Table Manners I believe are a good place to start with children over 5 years old. As your children get older you can add a new rule/manners to learn each year:

Table Manners for Kids #1 – Close your mouth when chewing your food.

Table Manners for Kids #2 – No talking until your mouth has no food in it.

Table Manners for Kids #3 – Use your fork, knife, and/spoon.

Table Manners for Kids #4 – Say “thankyou” when leaving the table

Table Manners for Kids #5 – Take your plate to the kitchen sink when finished.
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