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Simple Tips to Saving in a Family Budget – Part 2

I hope you enjoyed my Part 1 of Simple tips to saving in a family budget.

Here are some more little ideas to help make family budgeting a little less stressful. I hope you enjoy and get some helpful tips.

Saving in the Family Budget Tip 5.

Review your Credit Card or Direct Debits weekly or monthly.

  • Can you cut back on something? Was everything you spent money on really necessary or could you have done without it and saved your money instead?
  • There may be a something that you are still paying for like a gym membership. This happened to a friend of mine before they were paying for their membership for 1 year but forgot to cancel their membership when they stopped attending the gym. Ouch!
  • Review if some of your  insurances premiums can be reduced.
  • Review your technology expenditure.
  • Review your Pay TV contracts.

Saving in the Family Budget Tip 6.

Review your lotto expenditure.

Many people regularly spend ten dollars (some I know up to $100), on their weekly ‘slikpik’. Do you regularly play and how much have you spent over the years? Consider turning your regular lotto spend, into a savings account to spend on a family holiday each year, personally I believe this is a much better investment in life.

Saving in the Family Budget Tip 7.

Consume less Water and Save.

Water is very precious. Even if you use tank water, like ourselves, you could be spending money if you are using too much and need to buy in extra water or paying water rates. There are many tips for using less water at home and really because there are so many tips, excess water consumption should not be excused. Here are a few simple and easy to implement tips.

  • Only wash on full loads.
  • Use a front loader washing machine. The water consumption gets reduced dramatically!
  • Install water efficient shower heads.
  • Only purchase water efficient appliances like dishwashers. Did you know some dishwashers will actually use less water than you will use than hand washing!
  • Take shorter showers.
  • Don’t leave the tap running while brushing your teeth.
  • Fix any water leaks, especially in your toilet.


Saving in the Family Budget Tip 8.

Become smart with your car.

  • Keep your car in good repair. I understand this point personally. Recently we forgot about a couple of car services in a row, this error ended up by costing us close to $7,000 as we messed up our motor and had have the car reconditioned!!! Each service would have only cost us about $250, we could have saved over $6,000!!! Needless to say we will not let that happen again.
  • Pay your kids to wash your car instead of using the car wash, better still, wash your car yourself!
  • Pay less on fuel by compare prices and buy on the right day, use discount vouchers, and avoid buying fuel on public holidays.


Saving in the Family Budget Tip 9.

Become smart with your banking habits.

  • Close unused bank accounts to avoid monthly fees.
  • Pay off your credit card balances each month, better still use a Visa or Mastercard Debit account where you are using your own money. Did you know that most credit cards charge you an annual fee?
  • Avoid ATM fees. You can be charged $1.00-$2.50 each time you withdraw from your own or another bank’s ATM, this can add up over 1 month. Limit your ATM withdrawals and use your own bank’s machine as this should be free. Withdraw your cash in larger amounts as this is better for budgeting purposes in any case.

Saving in the Family Budget Tip 10.

Finally, have fun!

While all the above are great tips remember life is there to be enjoyed and shared. Set a wise plan for your family and you will enjoy all the time like holidays that you have saved towards together. Don’t say to your kids especially when they ask for something “no we can’t afford that” instead change your words to “that’s not our priority at the moment” and remind yourself and them of your family priorities to save.

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