Simple Tips for Nurturing your child

For some parenting doesn’t always come easy and for others healthy advice isn’t always at hand.  Every child has the right to have every opportunity to thrive physically, mentally, socially and emotionally which only sets them up to cope with adult life.

Child-raising practices can vary from generation to generation and culture to culture. There’s no single way right way to nurture a child but as always any suggestion is worth listening to, if you ask me, if it has the potential of helping my child grow inside and out. Here are some of the suggestions which might be helpful.

Nurturing your child with Touch

Hugs, snuggling, back rubs and massage comfort and soothe your child. They may enjoy tickling and wrestling too, but these sorts of activities need to be led by the child. At a certain age you may find your child withdrawing, but as a parent of teenage daughters we have found this is when children need “touch” most important.

Nurturing your child with Activities

Sharing in physical activities helps develop your child’s abilities and sets up a foundation for healthy habits. Head off to your local park and play. Go and build something together in the yard or do some gardening. Even a board game is great time spent together.

Nurturing your child at home

Getting your child involved in cooking or crafting helps develop their hand-eye coordination. Or as they get a little older bake something simple together. Be prepared for some mess, though!

Nurturing your child with Social skills

Spending regular time with the extended family, visiting playgrounds with other families or organising play dates can help your child to learn how to communicate and interact with others.

Nurturing your child with Learning

Problem solving with puzzles and board games or visiting museums and conducting home science experiments combine fun with encouraging mental development.

Nurturing your child with putting in the time

Making time for story reading, arts and crafts on the kitchen table or family rituals like singing in the car or playing ‘I Spy’ are all nurturing moments.

Emotional nurturing

Showing your child unconditional love and affection every day, and especially if they are upset or unwell, shows them that you care. Use pet names or endearments, praise their achievements and encourage them to express their own feelings.