Simple Chores for Children

Every family is different but I thought I would share what works well in our family and has done for years.

Yes is that Dirty (pun intended) 5 letter word: Chore!!

Think back to when you were younger and ask yourself did you have chores that you had to do?

Well personally I think every member of the family should contribute to work around the house. Every member poops in the toilet, brushes their teeth, showers, has dirty clothes, eats the food, creates dirty dishes etc etc. So why shouldn’t everyone contribute? We are raising our families to be responsible people and the habits they learn at home sets them up for success in the future and in life.

Of course I am taking about age appropriate chores. I wouldn’t expect a 5 year old to wash up heavy pots and pans, but I would expect them to tidy up their toys after playing or put their dirty clothes in the dirty washing or put their shoes where they belong after taking them up.

Encouraging kids with a little pocket money to contribute is something I do believe in. Or if the child is too young then receiving a sticker for a certain chore and keeping a sticker chart works really well. We did this with great success when our girls were younger and after 5 stickers for the day then they would receive a treat that they chose from a basket, to keep costs low we did have chocolate treats although I’m not sure I would encourage that today, but like my husband always says “what motivates, motivates”. So chat with your child and work out what motivates them… maybe it’s simply playing a game together : )

If you are using money to motivate your child to do chores I love this little idea in the picture above, which would work so well especially when your child uses that magic “B” (bored) word during the weekend or on holidays… direct them to these little jars. At bottom of the stick is a value ie. 20c, 50c, $2 and at the top they can choose what they do and they could earn a different amount for each different chore. Just think 5 x $2 chores and they have enough money to head off to the movies.

Here are some simple chores for children, which are age appropriate as an idea to use for the jars.

6 Simple Chores for Small Children

  1. Put shoes away after taking them off
  2. Feed the pets
  3. Put dirty clothes in the dirty washing basket.
  4. Unload the dishwasher or putting away dried dishes on the sink
  5. Setting the dinner table
  6. Put away books and toys after using them.

8 Simple Chores for Older Children (along with all of the above)

  1. Washing Pots and Pans.
  2. Bring in the Food Shopping and helping to unpack it.
  3. Bring in the Clothes from the Clothes line and/or folding the Clothes washing.
  4. Vacuum (and/or sweeping) and Mopping the floors (just so you know our 1 of our children were doing this from the age of 12, and the other from the age of 10, so just judge their strength and ability.
  5. Mowing lawns with supervision (not just for boys, we have 2 girls and they were mowing lawns from 13 years)
  6. Cleaning windows.
  7. Learning to cook meals or other yummy treats.
  8. Taking out the garbage.

One might think what is left for me to do, but don’t you worry we get our girls to contribute with all of the above and there is still PLENTY for me and my husband to keep busy with other chores.

Chores create responsible adults and are NOT a punishment. If you believe this you WILL make your life harder and your children will NEVER want to contribute or be involved.

Just think what could take you 4 hours (half of a Saturday) to complete could take you 1 hour, if 4 people (ie. you, your partner and 2 children) are involved, and then there’s plenty of time to have fun afterwards.

Good luck!!

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