Secrets to a Healthy Happy Family

Becoming and staying a healthy happy family in such a demanding age that we live in today can be interesting, but is it worth it – YES! All it takes is changing a few unproductive habits and you’ll soon discover for yourself the secrets to a healthy happy family.

So many people want to become better versions of themselves, but why not include and extend this to the whole family.

These secrets are nothing new, but are simply what we can forget in our busy hectic lifestyles.

It’s time to take a breath, slow down and count what REALLY matters – to me that is a healthy happy family.

Here are some top secrets to a healthy happy family:

  1. Put your marriage first (if you are married). Your children will see the close bond of you both and will love that their Dad and Mum love each other, are affectionate, are each others best friends and are united.
  2. Find ways to laugh together and enjoy each other’s silliness.
  3. Play together, games outside and games inside.
  4. If every night is not possible due to commitments, find at least 3-4 nights a week to sit at the dinner table together to eat dinner and talk. This should be light conversation where everyone feels safe of not being laughed at or ‘pick-on’.
  5. Volunteer and give to others as a family.
  6. Create bedtime rituals like reading together. If your kids are too old then read what they are reading and talk about the characters in the books etc.
  7. Monday-Thursday create a TV-free zone in the house. This will create the time to sit and relax together at meal time, instead of the “next” TV program determining when family time and meal ends. Instead, if you have favourite shows then record them and watch them on a Friday, Saturday and/or Sunday night. These TV-free nights on a Monday-Thursday create not only extra family time but personal development reading or other type of reading time for you and you will be surprised if you work full-time how many extra chores you can accomplish so you can free up your weekend to enjoy life your time off, they will also create time for homework time with no distractions and create the time for you to help your children if they need it.
  8. Exercise together! Ride bikes together, walk together, go swimming together or choose something else together like Martial Arts classes. Be careful though, today, growing numbers of children are over-booked into many after-school activities each week, you can become a taxi service and the children are never at home at the same time. This is not a recipe for a happy family. If your kids grow up not knowing how to do ballet, they will be OK. No after-school activity is one extreme and too many activities is the other extreme, moderation is the key.
  9. Talk as a family about improving your eating habits ie. cutting out the packaged food, preservatives and sugar, and take-away foods consumed by the family. Talk about creative ways to re-create what you love by creating your own homemade version. Find recipes together and use the time on a TV-free night to bake and be creative together. You will become a healthier family as a result and you will find that your family budget will benefit also.
  10. Consistently encourage each other to make good choices. This is a key factor. It’s no good having a ‘bad egg’ in the house. Encourage each other with words and actions. Emphasize that you are all in this together and that this is the way your family lives now. It won’t take long for everyone to become used to the changes you make.
  11. Don’t think too much… there are no bad consequences to a healthy happy family, it’s not a chore so don’t other-think things, what you are creating in your family are healthy habits that will reap years upon years of joy, happiness and amazing memories – just do it.

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