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Simple Tips to Saving in a Family Budget – Part 1

Everyone wants to have more money to spend on the luxuries in life right? We all want to pay off our debts and be able free to give freely to those in need. There are many alternatives to getting more money, but it all starts with controlling our spending and getting a bit wiser.

Personally we have had times of being a little bit too frivolous with our spending but thank the Lord, we pulled ourselves up. We realised how materialistic we were being, and that we wanted to set a good example for our children and leave an inheritance for them and their children. Here are some simple tips to saving in the family budget.

Saving in the Family Budget Tip 1.

Spend less at the Supermarket

  • Make a list.
  • Take advantage of the advertised specials.
  • Never shop while hungry.
  • Buy non-perishables in bulk.
  • Buy perishables in small quantities ie. only buy what you will consume in 1 week.
  • Make your own snacks and treats.
  • Eat less. Consider looking upon it as a health and weight loss goal as well. Make your dinner plates smaller.

Saving in the Family Budget Tip 2.

Save money in the Kitchen.

  • Return to home cooking. Who doesn’t love home cooking!!
  • Make the most of left-overs by either eating them for lunches the next day or freezing for a weekend meal.
  • Make your own and your children’s lunches.
  • Learn to love a slow cooker. The point of a slow cooker is to slowly cook cheaper cuts of meat, making them tender and delicious!

Saving in the Family Budget Tip 3.

Save money when you shop for other household items etc.

  • Research the best deal if you are going to spend $25 or more.
  • Consider buying online. But be sure to check the time and cost of delivery and the site’s return policy before purchasing as this can affect the cost and convenience.
  • Wait for sales.
  • Avoid Dry-Clean Only clothing.
  • Always ask for a discount.
  • Avoid shopping to de-stress or “retail-therapy”. De-stress by reading a book or taking a walk on the beach.
  • Before you buy, ask yourself if you really need it. I make a habit of walking around a shop for a few minutes after I pick something up to ponder if I ‘really’ need what’s in my hands.

Saving in the Family Budget Tip 4.

Spend less on Entertainment.

  • Save dining out for special occasions.
  • Buy a good coffee machine for home if you LOVE and NEED (lol) coffee. I know this can sound contradictory but buying a good coffee machine that grinds the beans has saved our family OVER $14,000 over 8 years!!! WHAT THE!!!
  • Make what’s happening at home fun and rewarding. ie. everyone helps to clean the car = watching a family DVD at home.
  • Avoid the movies if you are a movie lover.
  • When you DO choose to go the movies, take your own snacks ie. homemade popcorn.
  • Choose discount days for the movies. Some restaurant even offer a movie and meal deal if they are close to the cinema.

Stay tuned for more ideas and tips on saving in the family budget, to be continued.