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It’s Easter and yesterday I had this real epiphany after church about raising daughters and the words we use and not just the words but the tone. In our business I am always teaching our partners that it is not just the words we say but the “tone” in which we say it.

Let’s get real here, raising children is not easy and if you are a parent raising daughters it comes with its own set of challenges, especially for a father raising daughters.

We are bigger most of the time than our daughters, our voices are louder and more gruff and our facial expressions can be quite scary especially when we forget we are talking to a little girl who will always look up to her daddy.

Anyway, my revelation yesterday on raising daughters was that we have to shower them with praise, words, love and affection. Not the kind of affection we want to give but the kind of affection they want to receive. I have written before about making sure you show not only your children THEIR personal love language but your spouse as well. The articles is about A Fathers Words.

My primary love language is words, but just like everyone, I need all 5, words, time, gifts, service and touch.

Dad’s Number 1 Raising Daughters Tip

So here is my little revelation for all you dads out there on raising daughters. PRAISE THEM. Tell them how pretty they look, tell them your proud of them, tell them you love them, tell them every single day and compliment them. They will remember it. Look into their eyes, and let them know you mean it.

You see dads you are the example of the man they either want or don’t want. It is a hard reality we face, but a true one. You may want to take the route of “James you don’t know what you’re talking about” and get all stubborn and snooty, to you I say “grow up and be a man, you know that what I am saying is true.”

Some men will say that raising daughters is hard work, dealing with their emotions and their needs. Yes it isn’t easy, but God has given us the strength and the love to do it.

I have seen some great examples of dads, who’s daughters still come and give them hugs and sit on their laps etc etc and they talk about how their dads always praised them. These girls have grown up into wonderful young women. I want the same for our daughters.

Give it a try now dads, give this little tip a go for a week and see what happens with raising daughters.

Go up to her or them and give them 3 compliments per day on their appearance, the attitude and their future. How proud you are of them and how much you know they will be an incredible lady.

Then go and do it with their mum and watch the turn around.

Of course, you will have to figure out their personal love language soon and start speaking that. I know I have to get better with quality time with Kasey, I really suck at it, but I am working on it with going out to coffee once per week and turning my phone off etc.

I also know I need to stay in shape and do my best to stay fit and healthy because that makes a BIG difference as well, but that is something for another time.

I hope you enjoyed this post from my hubby.

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