Raising Daughters 5 Top Tips

My Husband’s (James) 5 Top Tips For Raising Daughters. Enjoy!

OK before we start on my article about raising daughters I want you to know, I would love to be able to write an article about raising sons. I see too many that are lacking in so many areas to even come close to my daughters, yeah, I know, I am a typical father to daughters. No man will ever be good enough and I guess that is where I want to start. With raising daughters I have found that my main responsibility is to love and protect them no matter what. Every daughter wants to make sure they have both of these essential elements in their lives.

My daughters are not looking for a weak, fear filled, man or someone who is double minded and has no character. They also want a man who fears the Lord and has Him as their provider in all areas. I know that this may seem like a lot, but I don’t mind. You see as a man, I see it is our responsibility to be these things. Not stuck in front of some stupid computer screen playing games but out there doing things that better ourselves so that we can be men who can be looked up to. Yes we can make mistakes and we can’t be perfect, however we can always be pushing ourselves to be better.

Tip 1 for Raising Daughters:

Make your daughter/s feel safe, loved and secure. Be the man you were meant to be. Love them, give them “Soft eyes” as often as you can. You do this by relaxing your face lol and showing them that you love being there with them. Let them see that when you are with them, they are the most important thing in your life and even when you are not with them. Just don’t allow distractions.

Tip 2 for Raising Daughters:

Give them lots of time, words, affection, gifts and service…in other words read the book the “ the 5 Love Languages” get to the understand who your daughter is and what she needs. With one of my daughters she wants me to play games and watch TV with her. The other one wants small gifts that I make or bring home when I travel. They are both different and I need to speak THEIR love language not my own.

Tip 3 for Raising Daughters:

Always show respect towards their Mother or Father. I say that for those of you who are reading this and you are no longer with your daughter’s other parent. Never bring the other one down in front of them, they wont be able to handle it. If you are married then make sure you show love, affection and caring to one another. Always show that you are having fun so that they can see a great example of the way marriage should be. Remember we are the example to them.

Tip 4 for Raising Daughters:

Do things together. You want to create memories. Here is something you probably won’t believe. I take one of my daughters hunting (yes she has a licence). We spend time eating foods we wouldn’t eat around Mum, talking lots, she gets to drive the car around the paddock and tells me she is a better shot than I am (she is by the way). With my other daughter, I have to take her out to dinners etc, she just loves being able to get dressed up and go out with Dad. I need to do this more often, so thanks for the reminder.

Tip 5 for Raising Daughters:

Get them involved in choirs. Don’t allow them to be lazy. Give them work to do around the home and make sure they are doing their fair share. I believe this is the same for boys as well, but I don’t have any so I won’t comment. Our daughters do heaps, they mow the lawn (it’s a ride on, so they love it lol, we used to be a push mower when we had a smaller property and they still mowed the lawn) they wash the dishes, vacuum, mop, clean and even help with chopping fire wood. I don’t want our daughters to be weak, don’t worry they still love pretty beautiful things and being girls 😉

I know these 5 tips for raising daughters will be similar for raising sons, so I hope they help.

I hope you enjoyed this post by my amazing husband and awesome Father to our girls.

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