Raising Daughters – Dr James Dobson – Review

Where has there ever been a manual for raising daughters or children for that matter? Simply: There has not been one.

In Dr Dobson Bringing up Girls (and many other books that Dr Dobson has written), it starts to answer the many unanswered questions that we have asked ourselves, our own parents and even friends, when it comes to raising daughters. Now I’m not saying these people in our lives have no wisdom, but Dr Dobson Bringing up Girls can open your eyes to things that others may have missed when giving you that “seed of wisdom”, plus all prejudices are put aside.

Bringing Up Girls gave me insight into the traps of this world with raising daughters. I even realised where I got many of my own ideals from when I was growing up. I learnt more about myself, not to mention how to be a better parent.

I love reading great books that will give me the chance to “impart” to the lives of my girls and help to give them a life of meaning and hope. I’m sure if it was left up to me I would have no clue and just get by day to day in raising our daughters. Raising children is not easy at times but putting a little of our time aside to read as much as possible when it comes to raising daughters (as well as boys) is well worth it.

I will guarantee you will smile, frown, laugh, and cry, but more than anything your eyes will be opened to a whole new world of bringing up girls.

Dr Dobson’s Bringing Up Girls is a book for all to read.

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