kids healthy recipes

Kids Healthy Recipes #5

Kids Breakfast Cheesy Scrambled Eggs 4 eggs 1/4 cup (60ml) milk Salt & freshly ground pepper 10g butter 1/4 cup (25g) grated cheddar 4 slices bread Use a fork to whisk the eggs and milk together. Season with salt and pepper.

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grooming the next generation for success

Grooming the Next Generation for Success – Dani Johnson – Review

Grooming the Next Generation for Success is full of easy to use tools that WORK. This book helps us pull the best out in our kids. Dani Johnson had made it easy for anyone to apply what she teaches to get results fast. Who ever received a manual for raising kids when their child was born.…

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lunch box ideas

Lunch Box Ideas

Lunch box ideas used to defeat me. I used to try to throw them together in the morning rush. It’s easy to toss in a packet of chips, a chocolate or snack bar and a fizzy drink – at least they won’t come back soggy and uneaten. Children enjoy variety and surprised, but they must…

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The Importance of Reading Food Labels

Don’t be fooled by the banner or main label on a product. It has only one purpose in life, to get you or your child to choose that product over all others. This is the point where the manufacturer does its best to sell his product. It’s also the point at which you must also…

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Healthy Eating Guide – The Very Essential Omega-3

A healthy eating guide is sometimes hard to work out. I’m an advocate for dietary supplementation. In an ideal world we’d get all our nutrients from food grown in mineral rich soils free of contaminants, we wouldn’t drink too much, eat unhealthy food, or live in polluted cities, but this is a tad unrealistic. So…

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Kids Foods

The #1 Question in Relation to Kids Foods: How do I encourage my kids to eat fruit and vegetables? Encouraging children to eat fruit and vegetables can sometimes be a struggle. However, research has shown that the more fruit and vegetables are available and easily accessible for children ie. chopped up and ready to eat,…

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Kids and Health

You want your kids to live long, full lives so get them on the right track early. You as the parent are responsible for your kids and their health for many years. Your children don’t want just to hear from you how they should be healthier, you need to set an example. Here are some…

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The Kids Foods Crisis

Over-refined and processed food with nasty food additives and preservatives are more abundant and invasive than ever before, just think back to when you were a child, pre-made biscuits and breakfast cereals are about the most highly processed foods I can remember, apart from that foods were made from scratch ie. raw foods. Nowadays the…

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Food Additives and Preservatives – Sugar

From tomato sauce and soft drinks to baked goods and cereals, sugar is in a myriad of commonly eaten food products and is one of the great health robbers of our time (along with many other food additives and preservatives to be aware of – if you don’t recognise the ingredient – don’t buy it!).

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Healthy Eating Guide for You and Your Family

A healthy eating guide and healthy food is often perceived as expensive and time consuming. But this healthy eating guide dispels the myth about the cost of healthy food and shows how easy it is to incorporate fruit and vegetables into your day.

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