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Overcoming The Challenge Of Being The Parent

Being the Parent from a Dad’s Perspective

It seems in today’s culture of minority groups controlling policy makers, being the parent is becoming harder and harder. Parents seem to feel as though they should be the friend before being the parent. They find it hard to know how to discipline, how to reward and almost how to do anything. We all know deep inside what is right and wrong as a parent. However more and more recently we are seeing people who have never given birth making decisions for those who have and who are about to. Then we are seeing people who have never been a parent telling parents how to be a parent and what they should and shouldn’t do. Talk about crazy.

I know that this post may get us into some hot water, but hey, I am Dad, we are meant to see things a little differently. I love our daughters with everything within me and I take my responsibility seriously when it comes to raising my children. My thoughts, and I don’t have any other professionally opinion other than being a Dad for over 17 years today lol, being a parent is not easy. There are no manuals (although there seems to be more and more books on the subject). Our parents did the best they could, some did better than others, but most of us turned out ok.

So what is right and what is wrong. Well obviously we need to go by what the law says, although I am concerned about the direction of some laws “they” are trying to pass.

But there is one governing factor that I have to love and that is the Bible, yep I said it, that big old book that all of us know about, we may not know what is in it, but we know it exists. I love the Word and there is one scripture that I hope gives you confidence and encouragement as a parent… “Love covers a multitude of sins!”

Now before you all start going of on some kind of a rant, I agree, I do not believe that this allows a parent to do the wrong thing by the child, what I am saying that if you remember being the parent and giving a lot of PURE LOVE, none of that airy fairy junk that has no reality. I am talking about siting and talking to your child, listening, giving them a hug when they need one, encouraging them, buying them presents or making them something or just doing something for them, then you are showing love to your child. You are showing the kind of love they will remember and you are being the parent they will remember.

I love having this little section within this blog, it allows me to talk about stuff from a dad’s or a guy’s point of view. If you don’t mind I will share what I like, love and really find annoying. I will also share what I have found that works with my beautiful girls.

So in my first post, remember this, do your best by your child. Don’t make excuses, help them make a life, help them to grow up and be the best person they can be by you showing them through your example what that could look like. Remember they won’t remember many of the words we say, they will remember many of the things we do with them but more than that, they will remember how we made them feel. So make them feel loved.

You are up for the challenge of being the parent, I know you are. I know I don’t have all the answers and I also know that neither does anyone else (although some think they do lol).

But you know in your heart that your child deserves your best, they are God’s gift to you. Don’t stuff it up. Do the best you can.

Feel free to share this with anyone who might be in need of dreaming big to keep them going.

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Dad & Mum doing our best to raise 2 beautiful daughters

Dad & Mum doing our best to raise 2 beautiful daughters

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