Kids Foods

kids foodsKids Foods and Veggies are words that SOMETIMES don’t go hand in hand…so how can you get children eating foods you know are bursting with nutritional goodness and stop the hassles of a fussy child at meal times?

My Top Kids Foods and Veggies Suggestions:

  • The most important thing is to keep a positive environment — have meal time as a family time, around the table and with few distractions. Try to let go of the stress and keep it fun — make funny veggie faces in their mashed potato or try tacos they can make themselves. Our kids love making food faces.
  • While it can be frustrating and even concerning when children do not eat certain foods, remember it may take several attempts before they will accept a new food. It’s all about persistence and patience. And if they choose not to eat a particular vegetable, the good news is there are many more to try. Just keep on trying.
  • When introducing new vegetables it is generally best to keep things simple. Choose one or two vegetables at a time and include them in small amounts, along with vegetables your child already likes.
  • Try to include veggies in their snacks — it will take the pressure off at dinner time if you know they’ve had some vegetables during the day. Perhaps something fun like avocado dip with celery and capsicum sticks or savoury muffins.
  • Get children involved in the cooking — they are more likely to eat something they have helped make. Kids foods don’t have to be boring or complicated, something simple like decorating mini pizzas by using mushrooms and capsicum or helping to make veggie kebabs for the barbeque.
  • Our first aim is to get children to recognise and accept vegetables for the wonderful colour and nutrition they provide, but if all else fails, hide the veggies. While still persisting in getting them to try vegetables, also sneak them into their favourite meals like grated carrot and zucchini in a pasta sauce, spaghetti bolognaise or lasagne. Add grated veggies to savoury muffins, and you can even add veggies like carrots to cakes.

We used to have fussy eaters when it came to having veggies or anything “different” for that matter but when our girls realised that meals with veggies can actually be interesting, everything changed. Persistence is the key!