Kids Foods

kids foods 3The #1 Question in Relation to Kids Foods: How do I encourage my kids to eat fruit and vegetables?

Encouraging children to eat fruit and vegetables can sometimes be a struggle. However, research has shown that the more fruit and vegetables are available and easily accessible for children ie. chopped up and ready to eat, the more likely they are to eat them.

Providing a variety of different fruit and vegetables is one way to encourage your children towards healthy eating habits. However, you need to be patient. There is evidence that children need to try new fruits and vegetables repeatedly, possibly up to eight or nine times, before they are liked or accepted.
As a parent or career you can help this process by being creative in the way you serve up fruit and vegetables. For example, prepare vegetables in different ways to vary the texture such as raw, steamed, mashed, baked, grated into a casserole of frittata, blended up a pasta sauce or as a soup.

Easy Kids Foods Ideas for Fruit and Vegetables
Try and make fruit and vegetables a part of every meal or snack, for example:
• Top breakfast cereal with fruit
• Add chopped or pureed fruit to yoghurt as a snack
• Make a smoothie with fresh, frozen or canned fruit
• Add as a topping on toast such as bananas, mushrooms or tomatoes
• Chop up fruit or vegetables sticks for your child’s lunchbox
• In summer, freeze fruit on a skewer as a snack
• Add vegies to a stir-fry, chip up in a meat loaf or a casserole or on a home-made pizza

Select fruit and vegetables that are in season – they will taste better and are usually cheaper than those that are out of season.