Kids Cooking

Are your kids cooking?

I received this photo above from my niece last week, it’s a photo of my 2 1/2 year old great-niece, (eekk I sound old now) helping in the kitchen with food prep at home. After chatting with my niece about how her daughter looks like one of my girls, my niece went on to say “we were teaching her how to make curried egg. We get her to help us cook that way she actually eat it…well it was her idea ‘mummy i help’ she says and she pulls the chair over to the kitchen. We have no choice really haha. It think it’s good to get kids cooking early it gets them away from all the take-away junk food”.

Wow what an inspiration, this is from my 25 year old niece on parenting and it reminded me that I should get my kids cooking more and more. It’s great to be able to learn something from everyone… Thank you Jess & Ash you are amazing parents 🙂

My girls are now 17 and 14, they do know now how to make some nice little meals. I do believe in getting kids cooking early. I used to think that I just couldn’t be bothered because it would take twice as long to make something and the mess created would be 10 times what it normally would be, but this is only in the initial stages and I persisted just like Jess & Ash.

From the basic meals I have taught my girls, the time saved now by asking them to make dinner when I am busy, has paid off in dividends.

When kids are cooking, they get to appreciate what goes into meal prep and like my niece said “We get her to help us cook that way she actually eat it”. It’s so true Jessica, it’s not just some random meal put in front her, but she actually knows what the meal is made.

By helping to bake/cook, kids can have a sense of accomplishment by what they have created, no matter how simple it is, especially when they get compliments and their confidence gets boosted.

Did you actually know that kids want to cook? Yes boys and girls!  I do think with the convenience of food availability today teaching kids cooking can be a forgotten art to teach our kids (the same is with simple chores for children) and kids can grow up to be lazy young adults with no home cooking or cleaning skills or experience.

Just like chores you are teaching your kids life skills when you teach them home cooking.

Get your kids cooking today and see the rewards pay off.

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