Kids Birthday on a Budget

It is very common for parents to want to do something special on their kids birthdays. People often think this means birthdays are expensive events, but sometimes it is hard to find the money for such things.

The good news is that special day doesn’t have to mean hundreds of dollars. Kids can still have an amazing day with their friends and families without the high costs if you decide to throw a budget birthday party. Here are 10 great ideas on how to have a your kid’s birthday on a budget:

Kids Birthday on a Budget #1: Fill the child’s room with helium balloons of all different sizes and colors for a wake-up surprise.

Kids Birthday on a Budget #2: If your child is old enough, throw a craft party where your child can decorate unfinished items. Secondhand stores are normally filled with old picture frames, unvarnished pots and wooden jewelry boxes.

Kids Birthday on a Budget #3: Consider going to somewhere free, such as local museums, for a day trip.

Kids Birthday on a Budget #4: If your child likes swimming, take him and a few friends to your local swimming pool.

Kids Birthday on a Budget #5: Invite your child’s closest friends over for a sleepover.

Kids Birthday on a Budget #6: If his birthday is close to one of his friends, speak to the parents about throwing a joint party for both of them.

Kids Birthday on a Budget #7: If your child loves music, invite her friends around and throw a karaoke party. If you don’t have a karaoke machine, you can find videos on YouTube and play them for the children.

Kids Birthday on a Budget #8: Instead of handing out expensive gift bags at the end of each party, stick with one treat for each child, from yo-yos to a bar of chocolate and perhaps make the gifts a lucky dip.

Kids Birthday on a Budget #9: If you live near a lake, take a day trip out and take some fishing lines also take some snacks and cook up some burgers for dinner.

Kids Birthday on a Budget #10: If you have a young teenage daughter, have a pamper day with nail painting, homemade facemasks and experimenting with makeup.

Birthdays are special and these are some great ideas to have a kid’s birthday on a budget. I still believe though, no matter how much money you spend, if you are there for your kids having a great time beside them, this is the thing that will be most special to them.

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