Kids and Health

You want your kids to live long, full lives so get them on the right track early. You as the parent are responsible for your kids and their health for many years. Your children don’t want just to hear from you how they should be healthier, you need to set an example. Here are some great kids and health tips to get you started on health for the whole family.

Kids and Health Tip #1

Set goals

Set healthy goals that the whole family can work towards. For example, you could develop a training routine together with the goal being to participate in a fun run or an activity that involves everyone. As part of your training routine, also include a healthy eating schedule that includes healthy meals and snacks that everyone enjoys. If your kids are older, you could ask them to develop their own individual training and eating schedule, so they feel supported with their choice of goals and approach.

Kids and Health Tip #2

Battle the box: limit screen time.

Sedentary behaviour is a risk factor for obesity, even if your kids seem to be getting enough physical activity. Limited time spent sitting in front of the TV or computer is a positive step, as the more active they can be everyday, the better their overall health and wellbeing will be.

So try to:

  • limit TV or computer time for kids aged under 2 as it may slow their social and language development
  • ensure your kids are exposed to less than 1 hour of screen time a day for children aged 2-5 yrs as they should also be getting at least 3 hours of physical activity a day
  • ensure your kids are exposed to less than 2 hours screen time for children aged 5 and older and at least 60 minutes of physical activity a day.

Kids and Health Tip #3

Get your kids to play outside.

  • expose them to nature; let them jump in leaves, splash in puddles, collect rocks, pine cones or sticks
  • set clear limits so they know what’s safe, and
  • ensure they wear appropriate weather clothing so they don’t get hurt, sick or injured

Kids and Health Tip #4

Start a garden with your kids.

  • let them help choose what to plant and help them with potting and planting. Vegetable gardens (even in pots) are great as your kids not only enjoy the satisfaction of seeing their plants grow but also eating the fruits of their labour. It can even help a little with the weekly family budget. Try growing lettuce in pots as a starter.
  • teach them about the different types of fauna and flora.
  • most of all enjoy your time with them doing something together.