Let Me Share My Fat Loss Secrets, For The First Time

fat loss secretsLearn my 3 fat loss secrets which helped me release fat and keep it off!!!

I found that in getting started with my fat loss goals it was important that I understood why I was doing this and where I wanted to end up.

Since having my two daughters I found it hard to get back to the body shape I had before being pregnant. I was frustrated, angry and losing hope that anything would work.

I just wanted to look in the mirror and feel good about what I saw. Have you ever felt that way?

After going through the frustration of never achieving my goals and my weight continuing to increase I came to the point that enough was enough and something had to change. Today I am going to give you the 3 seemingly magical things I did to see the weight drop off and stay off. I was able to release over 13 kilos (thats almost 30 pounds) in a short period of time and keep it off.

My First Fat Loss Secret:
I made a decision and I was not prepared to change my mind:
Many people want to reduce the fat, but not many really mean it. I had had enough of being 2 – 3 sizes more than I wanted to be and it was not good enough.

My Second Fat Loss Secret:
I asked my families help for support and the reason it meant so much to me.
They needed to know that I was serious and what they could do to support me in my fat loss journey. They also needed to know why I would be eating differently and not to think something was wrong.

My Third Fat Loss Secret:
I got accountable. That’s right I asked someone to be accountable with me and kept to it. It made losing the fat much easier , in actual fact statistics suggest that you are more than 300% more likely to achieve your goals by being accountable.

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I also had a secret weapon in weight loss arsenal that I will tell you about later…

I would love to hear about your story or thoughts on what I have written hear. It will encourage others. Please leave your comments below.