Household Budgeting – things to do with children on the school holidays

How to keep kids busy indoors in the school holidays or anytime.

Keeping children occupied when you’re indoors isn’t as hard as it seems – and these activities won’t cause money to leak from your finely tuned household budget.

  • Get creative with kids friendly arts and craft projects . Keep the kids entertained with simple craft activities that can be put together using items you’ll already have around the house. Make play dough, finger puppets or edible necklaces
  • Get the kids cooking
  • Have fun with simple science experiments
  • Play card games, board games, or do a puzzle together. It is always best to choose games that can have 2+ players, there is nothing worse than needing 4+ players but only to 2 people are available to play. Also make sure you buy age appropriate games otherwise your child may find it too hard and simply will not want to play. Card games can include: Go-fish, Memory, Uno. Some board games that are great for kids are: Boggle and Junior Scrabble, plus many more. I love using these kind of games as the kids are not only having fun but actually learning at the same time.
  • Have fun on the Internet

Find websites which will keep kids of all ages entertained. Search for safe places for kids to play online. Our kids love

More household budgeting ideas for fun things to do with the children:

There are stacks of other places to take children that need not put too much pressure on the family budget – especially if you take the time to plan ahead.

An occasional visit to the zoo or aquarium; watching a movie or a play; or cheering on their favourite sporting team can be done without throwing your finances into disarray.

Household budgeting money saving tips include:

  • take your own food and drinks to events.
  • book tickets in advance for cheaper preview sessions
  • use two-for-the-price-of-one coupons or family-priced tickets
  • sit in the cheaper seats (okay – the view won’t be as good!)
  • if you live in the city, take public transport rather than driving and paying for parking