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Household Budgeting

household budgetingHow to entertain kids on a budget

Yes we all know the Christmas school holidays are coming up and apart from putting a strain on most household budgets you then have to think about how to keep your kids entertained over the holidays. Our girls have almost 8 weeks of school holidays over this Christmas, oh joy!!

I don’t believe in having to entertain our kids 24/7 when they are home on the holidays, but every few days I do like to get out of the house with them so we can enjoy the time together and so we all don’t get ‘cabin fever’.

So how do I do this without putting a strain on the household budgeting?

Heading out and about on the school holidays

There are stacks of outdoor activities that will keep children entertained for hours and won’t always have you reaching for your wallet to pay for them.

  • Explore local playgrounds and parks. Tired of your regular park, find a new place to play and enjoy exploring a different suburb and surroundings.
  • Splash about at a nearby swimming pool. Have a dip at a local pool, no matter if it is summer or winter.
  • Pack a basket for a picnic. Turn an ordinary lunch into a picnic at home in the backyard.
  • Head to the beach to catch a wave or build sandcastles. We invested in some in a beach tent and great boogie boards for our girls, which is bound to give them hours of entertainment not to mention escaping the heat in the tent.
  • Go to a story-telling session at the library, or read to them yourself.
  • Borrow books and DVD’s from the library.  If your kids are a little older like mine you can spend up to an hour looking for books, then when you get home the hours of reading enjoyment goes on and on. I joined the girls under their own membership, that way they can borrow more books than just under my membership. The great thing about the library is it costs nothing but the petrol money to get there.
  • Toy libraries. You can save money by joining a toy library and regularly borrowing toys – instead of buying expensive ones which tend to leave a black hole in the household budget.
  • Take a bus, train or ferry ride to anywhere!

Stay tuned for more ideas on household budgeting things to do with the children indoors and at home.