Homework, ok don’t shiver at the word 😉

Whether we agree with homework or not, I must agree with the practice approach to learning and I do believe this is mostly what homework is all about, unless of course your child has a “photographic memory” and I imagine that this is a very rare ability.

I do disagree with the amount of homework that some children come home with at some stages of their schooling as there are so many aspects to a child’s life like sporting activities, being creative, socializing (and not on social media) etc. I don’t believe children should come home with no homework, however, just to watch TV or use technology, there are times and places for that.

Life is about balance. Learning, being creative, being social and being active and I do believe most schools today have a great approach to this, if your school doesn’t, perhaps you should approach your school and discuss these issues. I have found if I have a problem with our school or teachers I just call them, they are always there to listen and help find solutions.

When I was at school, and yes even though I did not like it at the time, I found that repeating and practicing work at home and doing homework, was the key to overcoming obstacles in learning and I do know that this helped me achieve my goals.

How does an Artist get better at Art? Practicing!

How does an Athlete get better at their Sport? Practicing!

How does a Public Speaker become better at Public Speaking? Practicing!

How does a Builder become better at Building? Practicing!

How does anyone (unless gifted) become better at something? Practicing!

We need to encourage our kids with their homework even if you don’t agree with it (don’t tell them that you don’t agree with homework if you don’t though, this will only make matters for them worse) perhaps all they need is you to sit down with them and spend time with them and encourage them. Together work through any problems they might have with their homework. Hey, you might not know the answers, but spend the time to research how to work it out together. My husband failed school and I received great marks in Maths but today he is so much better at Maths than I am along with heaps of other things as he practiced and researched how to become better.

Having a negative attitude towards homework as a parent isn’t going to help our children, you will find if your attitude changes so will theirs.


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