Healthy Snack Ideas

The way children eat and the amounts are in general much smaller than adults, which means they will need to eat every couple of hours to get what their bodies need for daily nutrition requirements. As adults we need to be careful that we don’t follow our children’s snacking routine, as this is where the weight can add on fast!

What we provide for our children as snacks however can be detrimental to their health. Chips, chocolates, biscuits, cakes and other sweet foods will give that sugar hit and will taste good but these foods are usually very high in calories/kilojoules, fats, salt and sugar and are nutrient poor. Keep these kind of foods as an ‘occasional’ snack, and not for everyday.

Children actually do like healthy snack ideas like dairy (ie. Yoghurt), vegetables (ie. carrot sticks) and fruits (ie. Peeled and cut apples). These foods are high in nutrients and natural sugars and will not send your kids on a ‘sugar high’. Remember you are the one who buys the foods for your children, they are not the one who does the grocery shopping. Don’t feel guilty for not buying the foods they are nagging for, but feel proud for buying the foods you know will be beneficial for their health.

Healthy Snack Ideas for your kids – Tips.

  • Explain that biscuits, cakes, chips etc are not everyday foods, these are ‘sometimes’ foods.
  • Offer your kids an option of healthy snack ideas, not just one option, and then they can choose which healthy snack they prefer the most that day.
  • Remove the temptation of foods high in sugar, fat and salt at home in the pantry. Simply put, don’t buy them.
  • Be careful at offering snacks near meal times, this can discourage your children from eating a main meal. Personally our children do get home quite late in the afternoon and enjoy an afternoon snack therefore our family eats dinner around 7pm each night.
  • Offer water, not soft drinks nor even fruit juices. Even juice with ‘no added sugar’ is still VERY sugary as the juice is highly concentrated with natural sugars.

Healthy Snack Ideas:

  • Fresh fruit depending on the season ie. Cut up apples or oranges, grapes, bananas, canned fruit can be ok but be careful of the sugar content especially if it is in a syrup.
  • Vege sticks ie. Carrot, cucumber, capsicum – try adding a low fat dip like hummus.
  • Raisin toast or bread, Pikelets/Pancakes or scones (low in sugar), Banana Bread, Pear and Raspberry Bread.
  • Rice cakes with low fat cheese or sliced banana.
  • Dried fruit and unsalted nuts (for children over 5 years).
  • Yoghurt – fruit or natural. Be careful of some added sugar and/or preservatives in some fruit yoghurts. Try buying a good quality jam (with no added sugar) to mix into natural yoghurt or mix honey or even fresh passionfruit.
  • Healthy fruit muffins.

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