Ready-to-go Healthy Food Ideas

Food on the run or little time to sort yours and your kids snacks and lunch doesn’t have to mean a fat, salt and sugar overload. There are so many healthy food options to grab instead.

A healthy food guide and drink choices can be a challenge if your work or travel requires you to be ‘on the road’. Changing a few things to your shopping list and packing some snacks to take with you can make a huge difference to not only your wallet but more importantly your health.

Basic equipment

  • A drink bottle
  • Chilled lunch box chiller bag
  • Freezer blocks
  • Small sealed containers
  • Zip lock bags
  • Plastic Fork and/or Spoon

Healthy Food Guide Ideas for On-the-go

  1. Individual pieces of fruit
  2. Dried fruit and plain unsalted nuts
  3. Snap-top canned tuna, baked or refried beans, or spaghetti
  4. Sandwiches, English muffins, pita bread or pikelets
  5. Pita chips, crackers, pretzels or popcorn
  6. Tub of yoghurt or mixed fruit
  7. Carrots or celery sticks
  8. Hard-boiled eggs
  9. Thermos of soup
  10. Tetra packs of long-life juice or milk

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