Healthy Eating Basics

You would have heard the saying “we are what we eat”. What we eat and drink will give our bodies the nutrients it needs and our health will reflect this. The other saying you would have heard of is “garbage in, garbage out”, this is a computer terminology but this is also reflective in the foods and drinks we consume. If we consume garbage (ie. foods filled with preservatives, additives, sugar etc.) consequently, how we look, how we feel and even our moods will be reflective of these foods and drinks which are consumed.

So what are healthy eating basics? Firstly you cannot outrun a bad diet. Which means if you are not eating right and are eating too much, no amount of exercise will compensate for the overindulgence.

Healthy Eating Basics #1 – Balance

Adopt a balanced approach to a new healthy eating lifestyle. Healthy eating is not a “diet” but a lifestyle practice that you want to have in place everyday, not just for 1 week or 1 month. This should include ‘everyday foods’ like fresh fruit and vegetables, proteins, nuts and seeds, mostly adding in a small amount grains and cereals and dairy foods. To ensure you don’t feel like you are missing out, include ‘sometimes foods’ meal once per week, or a ‘sometimes foods’ day once per week only.

Healthy Eating Basics #2 – Moderation

The reason behind having ‘sometimes foods’ is so that you can feel like you aren’t missing out. These ‘sometimes foods’ may include chocolate, icecream, cakes, take away meals, or the may perhaps simply be amount of food you eat. These foods however tend to be high in kilojoules and very low in nutrition and nutrients, which cannot support your body to thrive, heal and give you energy. You will find that the more ‘everyday foods’ you consume the better you will feel and the less you will want to eat the ‘sometimes foods’.

Healthy Eating Basics #3 – Variety

Think about your dinner plate at night as an example. You will want to think about dividing your plate into 3 segments. ½ of your plate will want to be non-starchy vegetables (ie. not potatoes). The other ½ of your plate will be divided in 2, one of these segments will be protein ie. lean meats, and the other can be a carbohydrate ie. rice/pasta/potato/sweet potato. If you are looking to lose weight it is recommended to only include only one carbohydrate in one of your meals per day.

Healthy Eating Basics #4 – Drinks

Water is key, water hydrates us. Our bodies need 2 litres of water per day of unsweetened water. The tea, coffee and other fluids you consume will be additional to this 2 litres of water. Be beware these other fluids can be key to weigh gain through the milk (in tea & coffee consumption) and sugar that you add or is added to these drinks.

Healthy Eating Basics #5 – Commit to a plan as a family

The family who plays together, stays together. Encourage each other to staying healthy for the future. Keep a positive outlook in regards to good foods and moderate exercise. Remember this is a healthy eating lifestyle NOT a diet.
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