Food Additives and Preservatives

Food additives and preservatives food additiveshave a lot to answer for when keeping your family healthy.

Firstly I would highly recommend a book called “The Failsafe Cookbook” by Sue Dengate.

When our daughter was constantly in and out of hospital as a small child, constantly using ventolin, and constantly itching from eczema, the medical profession provided very little help and their only answers were that of a pharmaceutical drug. Don’t get me wrong I have a lot to thank doctors for over the years, but it is a shame that their training does not expand a little “out side of the box”, and this is how we had to begin to think.

At one point I couldn’t bear the thought that this was our daughter’s “lot” in life, that being one of sickness, and so it lead me to getting answers to WHAT the heck is really going on. We pushed and pushed the doctors but still no solutions. So we were on our own, or so we thought.

Then there was the case of our youngest daughter, who I could count on 1 hand how many times she had been unwell (her health was amazing), but then she began to also display signs of eczema as well. So enough was enough!!!

Getting answers was so simple once we began to expand our own thinking.

We finally stumbled on some answers (well in actual fact God given answers):

  • FOOD ADDITIVES and PRESERVATIVES. Food additives have a lot to answer for and so do the companies who continue to put it in our food. What are food additives? Exactly my point, they are “numbers” or “things” that don’t have recognisable names, so they are given a number to identify them. Well if I can’t say the same of a product, I am definitely not going to eat it or feed it to my family!!! Read food labels! If you can’t recognise the name of an ingredient, DO NOT buy it, there are always alternatives!
  • LACTOSE. Two of the members of our family are Lactose Intolerant and the other two are Dairy Intolerant, hmmm….interesting statistics if you ask me! Not every one is lactose intolerant and it would have been the last thing that I would have considered in regards to my family’s health, but once I found this out it made a lot of sense. We simply buy lactose-free milk.
  • DAIRY FOODS. As I mentioned above two of our family members are dairy intolerant one being our oldest daughter who was constantly battling with her health. Not everyone is dairy or lactose intolerant, but if you try to eliminate these from your eating habits for a 4 week trial, you will soon see the benefits, if this is the root cause of you or your family members being constantly unwell. (You need to give it 4 weeks as this is the time it takes to get a food type out of your system.) Yes, I hear you, I know this can be hard to get the family changing their eating habits, but if we don’t have our health, what do we have!
  • SUGAR. Have you ever stopped and looked at the ingredients on the package or can of the foods you are buying at the Supermarket or shop? Well I can almost guarantee it includes sugar, even if it is a savoury food! Do we honestly need all this? NO. Listen, it is affecting your health and the health of your family. Stop buying it and find an alternative. For example. instead of buying yoghurt loaded with sugar (and once again those additives), find a plain yoghurt and add some fruit jam that is sugar free, yes they do exist. Once again read the labels. DO NOT use the ones made by Weight Loss Companies, they will use sugar replacements that are not good for your long term health.

MY WARNING about sugar replacements. DO NOT USE THEM. By this I mean the Sweeteners out there that you can add into your tea and coffee. These are bad to the bone. They contain chemicals that you definitely do not want to add into your diet and they have very bad health effects. If you honestly need sugar in your diet, then add it in yourself, at your discretion, not when the food companies say so because their products taste so good with it! Add a teaspoon here and there. There are amazing sugar alternatives out there, ever heard of honey? Also there is a plant called Stevia, which has also been made into a sugar alternative, ask about it at your local health food shop.

On the defence of some great food companies and products out there (that have done all they can do to not include the above in their products) to them I say “Thank You” and “I Applaud You”. But to the other food companies, I say “SHAME ON YOU”.

PLEASE, Please, please take the time to look at what you are putting every week into your shopping basket. Yes, look, at first it is going to take you some extra time at first to get used to buying the products that do not include the above, but isn’t the health of your family worth that little extra time?

I am not an expert in this field but I know that once I began removing all of the above from our weekly diet and shopping list the HEALTH and MOOD of my family turned around, within a matter of days for the better, to point that we have not and will not look back.

If you need more information in regards to Food Sensitivity’s and Food Additives I would highly recommend a book called “The Failsafe Cookbook” by Sue Dengate.