Father’s Day – 5 Foodie Ways to Win Dads heart

What man doesn’t like food? There is no easier way to treat Dad this Father’s Day than serving up delicious food. So this Father’s Day think about serving something delicious to treat the special dad in your life.

Foodie Ways to Win Dads heart #1: Breakfast in bed – Bringing Dad a special tray while still in bed for breakfast shouts “Dad we appreciate what you do!” Even your little ones can get involved by making Dad what he loves most for breakfast, ask them to pick a couple of flowers from the garden to put on Dad’s breakfast try. What a great way to spoil Dad before his feet even hit the ground.

Foodie Ways to Win Dads heart #2: Brunch out or in – Some Dad’s however don’t like breakfast straight away or like to eat while in bed so think about a mid-morning feast with a morning egg and bacon burger or pancakes with Dad’s favourite toppings or even think about where your special Dad loves to eat out and treat him to brunch out.

Foodie Ways to Win Dads heart #3: Pack a Picnic – What better way than to spend Fathers’ Day outside! With his favourite people and favourite foods like cheeses, crackers and seafood. Perhaps take a bbq lunch and take over the bbq cooking while at the park for picnic. Take a ball to kick around or Frisbee to throw to each other and fun is at Dad’s finger tips.

Foodie Ways to Win Dads heart #4: Give a Foodie gift for Fathers Day– Most men LOVE dark chocolate, rocky road and peanut brittle. Wrap these in a cool jar or box and give it to dad with love and hugs – he might even share!

Foodie Ways to Win Dads heart #5: Bake Dad’s favourite dessert – My husband loves sticky date pudding. You could also try Orange cake, lumberjack cake or even some easy scones. Either of these would make a lovely addition to a Picnic lunch or dessert at home.


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