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Raising Healthy Kids is the Future!!

Raising Healthy Kids equals a Healthy Future!! We need more than lite ice-cream to help children fight the battle of the bulge. Experts are calling for a revolution, and as parents it is our responsibility to start it for our kids.
Being overweight and unhealthy makes many people self-conscious especially children. Almost a quarter of Australian children are overweight and unhealthy, a figure that has doubled over the past 15 years.
Although adult obesity rates are far higher, childhood obesity is a concern because it increases health risks not normally associated with youth. Type 2 diabetes, for example, was almost unheard of in young people until recent years. Now we have an epidemic of the condition, largely spurred by increasing obesity rates.
The Problem that has been created – a Global Epidemic
According to the World Health Organization, close to 18 million children and 200 million adults around the world were obese in 1995. As of 2003, there are an estimated 300 million obese adults worldwide. And obesity is not just a product of the western world. In fact, developing countries hold around one-third of the world’s obese population.
The prevalence of obesity is placing a major burden on health care providers globally. In the United States, the total economic cost is estimated at around $99US billion (almost $A200 billion). The figure in Australia is just over $A1.2 billion a year. Around two-thirds of Australian adult males and over half of adult females are classed as either overweight or obese – a total of almost seven million people.
Raising healthy kids is a must!!!
Raising kids for health in my opinion is not just about food, but all about a balance in life.

The Solution

“So what can I do” I can hear you say…. well I am glad you asked…. ensure you subscribe on the side menu for extra information to you help yourself and your family, and a bonus here are some tips below.
Tips for Raising Kids for Health

  • An everyday diet free from food additivies and preservatives. If anyone were to ask me where would I start if I could start again I would definitly say with a healthy diet free from food additives and preservatives. Our diet can affect our moods and emotions. If we are not getting the right nutrients that our body needs we are not going to be pleasant to be around. At the same time if a child’s little body can not cope with too much sugar and preservatives, guess what, you will end up with a wired little kid, buzzing around all day, not listening to anyone and being a law unto themselves. So yes, having a diet with as little food additives and preservatives as possible.
  • Involvement in Sports. Now I’m not talking about little Mary having dance on Monday and Wednesday, then Netball on Friday and Swimming on Saturday. Come off it! Let you child have a childhood!!! 1-2 sporting activity a week is ample for you child. Your child and your budget will thank you for it. But back to my point. Sports is great for fitness, self control, self discipline, self esteem and helps your child to feel like they belong to a group. Encourage your kids at the same time to jump on the trampoline in the afternoon instead of watching the TV. If it’s a cold or wet day, get them active inside doing Wii Dance (our girls love this) or Wii Sports, or something of the type…
  • Play as a family. Go on family picnics and play cricket together, we have 2 girls and they love it!!! Take your kids on dates one at a time and get to know them more. Do craft together. Garden and plant vegetables together. Cook together. Play family games once a week. Go on holiday’s together for a least a week at a time and turn off all mobile phones and laptops. Your kids will love you for it. Go on walks together. Our latest tradition at home is to cook S’mores in the backyard every weekend. What are S’mores? They are simply roasted marshmellows sandwiched between two biscuits and a piece of chocolate. Yummy!!! We found an old bbq someone was giving away and we simply light it up in the backyard.
  • Don’t be in a hurry for your kids to grow up. I know people who allow their little girls to dress in short shorts, wear make-up before they even need to and go on dates at the age of 10. Come on what message are we sending our kids!!! Sure our kids might want to but it doesn’t mean we say yes. Let your kids be kids they have the rest of their lives to be grown up and do the adult stuff. Be a parent that sets boundaries, you will find that your kids are craving for boundaries, it is their way to see that you love them and want to protect them and their future.
  • Do your due diligence as a parent, don’t just flounder about. Read, read, read. Find some good parenting books or course to go to. No one knows it all, and just because you may have come through childhood undamaged doesn’t mean your children will. You will make mistakes, accept that, you are human, we need all the help we can get if you ask me. If you want more information let me know and I can let you know some awesome books.
  • Eat nightly together without the television on. If your nights are just too crazy and you can’t manage to sit down together for dinner, find a time that you can… maybe at breakfast… or when the kids get home for 15 minutes and have a healthy afternoon snack together… Your children are craving for your attention. Be interested in their day. Not just asking the same old questions like “how was your day”, I can guarantee they will answer “good” or “ok” and that will be the end of your conversation. Have a list of questions you can ask, write them down if you need to. Have fun with them. ie. “Ok everyone has to name what their favourite breakfast, lunch and dinner is” or “name 3 animals you think are strange and why”, or “what does your dream holiday look like”. Really, make anything up, just to talk to your kids and to get to know more about them.
  • Raising Healthy Kids is more than just eating healthy. What do I mean by this? As humans we can eat right and exercise right, but does that mean that our thinking and emotions are right? Not necessarily… Think about finding a local Church to get connected to, with a great Kids program, this has ETERNAL value ; )

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