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Overseas Travel Tips, List & Cautions

My Overseas Travel Tips Revealed from Years of Experience

Travel Tips – Must Haves before you leave Home

It is best to keep the following in a travel wallet for best organization:

  • Passport – and a photocopy as a back up AND leave a copy also for a family member at home.
  • Travel Insurance Documents.
  • Travel itinerary – in printed hard copy AND leave a copy also for a family member at home.
  • Cash and Credit Card – if you don’t have a credit card you can get one called Load & Go for example Have some funds already loaded on the card before you go is a good idea as most Hotels and Resorts will ask to swipe your card and take a small deposit for anything you may buy from the mini bar in your room etc. Having cash is great too as you may want to go to a local market where they don’t have credit card facilities. Exchanging your currency is best when you get to your destination and you would be best to do this either when you land at the airport or at the hotel you are staying at. If you get stuck you should be able to withdraw from your credit card at an ATM but be sure to press the “credit card” not savings or cheque account as these will not work overseas. You will pay for each withdrawal but if you withdraw say $200 at a time this will be cheaper than 10 x $20. Most banks will charge you for each withdrawal or charge on your credit card which can add up to being over $50+ in fees with your bank. I recommend withdrawing cash and just have emergency funds in your credit card. But you decide what is best for you.

Travel Tips – For The Plane Trip

Depending on how long and at what time your flight is, the following may vary with these next travel tips:

  • You will want to keep Passports & Itinerary etc. money and any valuables (jewellery) in your hand luggage.
  • Pack in your hand luggage a spare pair of underwear, swimwear, thongs (flip-flops) and basic toiletries (in case of lost baggage).
  • Basic toiletries (all liquids must be under 100ml) in zip lock bags as this will need to be removed from your hand luggage and checked as you go through customs.
  • Moisturiser (in a zip lock bag) as your skin can tend to try out on the plane.
  • Wear comfortable clothes especially around the tummy area.
  • Wear comfortable shoes.
  • Your own headsets, as the airplane headsets for entertainment can be poor quality.
  • Ear plugs and eye mask, if on a long flight or over night.
  • Lip balm.
  • I wear pressure stockings for flights over 2 hours which come up to the knees, as I do tend to suffer with swollen feet and ankles.
  • Light jacket or cardigan and a scarf.
  • Neck pillow.
  • Book to read.
  • Packet of cards – in case of boredom from flight delays etc.
  • Your own bottle of water, as you can refill this on the flight. It is easy to become dehydrated on long flights. Be sure that the bottle is empty when you go through customs however or you will have to buy one again once through customs.
  • Hand sanitiser. Once again carry this in a zip-lock bag.

Travel Tips – The Holiday side of things

From my experience you are able to buy a lot of the following from where you will be going, but it’s the convenience of taking it with you that will save you money, and the hassle, especially if its gastro medication you need!! Eeekk!!!

  • Day backpack.
  • Power socket adapter.
  • Power chargers for phones/ipads etc.
  • Sun hat.
  • Insect repellent.
  • Comfortable walking shoes are invaluable.
  • Water/Reef shoes in case of coral areas and snorkeling.
  • Thongs/Flip-flops.
  • Swim Wear. This might sound obvious BUT once when travelling to Hawaii, I forgot to take my swimmers, DOH!!
  • Medications
    • Personal medications (you may need a letter from your Doctor for certain medications if you are not sure check before you leave).
    • Vitamin Supplements you usually take.
    • Pain relief for headaches etc.
    • Gastro-stop. Believe me, Gastro-stop is another invaluable item!!
    • Gastrolyte.
    • Bandaids.
    • Ventolin if needed.
    • Antibiotic ointment.
    • Travel tissues.
  • Sanitary items for ladies. The language barrier in some countries can make asking for these items tricky!! Been there done that lol!!
  • Clothes washing bar of soap for any handwashing you may need to do.
  • And here we go… Bowel Movement medication. Being constipated can easily happen when travelling and once again asking for this at a pharmacy overseas can be tricky!! I have always taken Nu-lax Fruit Laxative with me just in case, it comes in a small bar and is very natural.
  • Snacks – Muesli bars, nuts, chocolate, biscuits in unopened, sealed packet for Custom requirements. This can save a bunch of money especially if you have a fast metabolism and need snacks all the time like my hubby.
  • Travel sewing kit (for any popped buttons etc). Although you will find these in many resorts in the bathroom.
  • Spare zip lock bags in a couple of different sizes for any incidentals.

Other handy Travel Tips to be Cautious about to enjoy your holiday.

I am not paranoid (hahaha) but over many years of travelling, all the above and below travel tips can happen and have happened to ourselves, or others we have travelled with. If you use common sense you can all avoid the bad stuff and have the time of your lives!!

  • Drink plenty of water. Dehydration can occur very easily occur when you are unfamiliar with a particular climate. Drinking plenty of water can save you from getting headaches and of course can help with that dreaded constipation.
  • DO NOT share drinks with someone you are not related to as they may have picked up a bug and you don’t want to be the next culprit, or vis versa.
  • BE CAREFUL when eating with your hands especially after going to a buffet for example, as many people have used the utensils. Use your hand sanitiser just before you eat.
  • Don’t just take your sunscreen and insect repellant, use it.. Especially insect repellant in the early morning if you are out and at night time.
  • Be careful about taking precious jewellery as this can get easily lost or, the worse case scenario, stolen.
  • If you do leave jewellery, ipads, laptops, phones etc in the room make sure they are LOCKED in the Safe in your room.
  • Also lock any spare Cash, Passports and Itinerary in the Safe as well. BE SURE the night before you check out to pull all of these out of the Safe, you do not want to get to the airport and have left all these important documents in your hotel room.
  • When you are out at night especially and you are carrying cash, ONLY take with you what you may need for dinner that night and maybe a credit card.
  • Carry your drivers license for I.D. in case you lose your room key as the reception will ask for identification.
  • Do not ever presume someone else will look after your bag and belongings if you are going for a swim or just pop up to the bathroom at dinnertime.
  • Find out about things to do as soon as you arrive if not before you leave home as some destination’s activities can book up fast and you don’t want to be disappointed.
  • If you are travelling in a group you could even group together with one other person to bring one thing on the list and you bring the other to save on expense. ie. 1 person brings Gastro stop and the other brings Gastrolyte.