Family Fun

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We have had so much family fun being and being adventurous as a family, with our business, we have had so many amazing opportunities to travel.

From travelling as a family to Disneyland in LA, snorkelling and whale watching in Hawaii, a Caribbean Cruise, to travelling the Swiss Alps by train and visiting the ruins of Italy. Man life has been amazing and a blessing, and has been better than our wildest dreams.

To be totally honest with you though we have done the 5 star hotels (and don’t get me wrong, I still do love them and the food) but we are enjoying more and more the adventure and laid back lifestyle of going camping. Getting away from the TV and spending spare time playing family games, reading, or just sitting around having some great camp cooking.

Some can argue that the hassle of putting up tent and then pulling it all down again is not worth it the time, but I have realised (and I have done my fair share of travelling) by the time you pack up from a hotel room sometimes it can take just as long.

We have yet to be truly adventurous in our camping experiences with the pit loo and bush shower, that is still something to work on, we like camping with the amenities and of course popping down to a local cafe to get our coffee fix mid-morning, but camping for us who are used to the 5 star hotels, it’s all one step at a time 🙂

There is something special that happens as a family where-ever we go and by whatever means which we do it, may it be a hotel or camping. Our family bonds and grows more than it would if we were at home, I guess it just has to do with getting away from the distractions that we can get caught up with.

Even if you can’t get away from home (which has been our experience in the past) you can always have a holiday at home. Set aside every second day to do something special together like going to a park and having a picnic lunch, go to the movies, or a swim at a local creek or beach.

I know that we can’t be away 24/7, but setting aside the time a few times a year to bond together as a family is well worth it. Our kids are only young once I would recommend to anyone to just set aside the time to spend time as a family and get to REALLY know your family and enjoy the adventure of life.