Alternative Energy Systems. Electrical Integration and by Mike West

By Mike West

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In this case it is found that the RF energy is transferred to the beam at a constant rate regardless of the local signal amplitude. Thus if the device is designed of the correct length then all the power is transferred. H. 5. The travelling-wave convertor with distributed DC retardation. ratio between the beam current and the input power level. Both these problems can be overcome by special design and by proper control but are accepted disadvantages. It is also necessary that the DC retarding field is not uniform because its amplitude follows that of the attenuating RF field.

1976, pp. 324-340. Radkey, Robert, and Bart D. Hibbs, (1981). S. of Energy, No. DE82010972. Miller, Gabriel, Dean Corren, and Joseph Franchesci, (1982). Kinetic Hydro Energy Conversion Study for the New York State Resource, Phase I Final Report, NYU/DAS 82-08, prepared under Power Authority of the State of New York contract NYO-82-33. Miller, Gabriel, Dean Corren, Joseph Franchesci, and Peter Armstrong, (1983). Kinetic Hydro Energy Conversion Systems and the New York State Resource, Phase II Final Report, NYU/DAS 83-108, prepared under New York Power Authority contract NYO-82-33.

In principle all the system parameters can be identified in this manner. In practise this would involve excessive computer time and a combination of test methods and parameter estimation techniques has been adopted. Test methods are designed so as to identify the role of particular parameters having eliminated others. Determination of Wind Turbine Generator Parameters Conventional test procedures involve driving the generator at synchronous speed. In the case of the wind turbine generator this was impracticable due to the requirement for high torque at low speed in addition to the inaccessibility of the shaft.

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