Agrarian Systems and Rural Development by Dharam Ghai, Azizur Rahman Khan, Eddy Lee, Samir Radwan

By Dharam Ghai, Azizur Rahman Khan, Eddy Lee, Samir Radwan

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2. See G. L. loJ11'Mnt in Plantation Economies of the Third World (New York: Oxford University Press, 1972). 3. See Chapter 6. 4. O, Poverty and Landlessness in Rural Asia (Geneva: 1977). 5. The amount of land per member of an agricultural family is slightly lower in Bangladesh than in South Korea but per agricultural labourer land is lower in South Korea because of a higher labour participation rate. See FAO, Production Yearbook 1976, for the data on which these statements are based. 1 Introduction Economic growth has largely been accompanied by stagnation, growing inequality and even absolute impoverishment in the rural areas.

The attempt to achieve a rapid and egalitarian rural development through major institutional change in Egypt no doubt resulted in initial gains, but since these reforms did not continue, the forces of the system, mainly the inherent inequalities, acted in such a way as to erode these gains. (c) The system ofcommunal farming The stereotype of a communal agriculture that most people have in their mind is based largely on a popular version of the Soviet collectivisation experience. It conjures up a picture of sluggish growth, egalitarian income distribution and a high rate of involuntary accumulation imposed by the state policy of transferring resources from agriculture to industry.

These observations would remain true even after we check for the possible effects of changes in the composition of farming output and in the composition of total farming income. 10, there were no marked changes either in the composition of farm output or income. The proportion of receipts from rice in net farm income remained virtually unchanged for farms of all size groups and there was no change in the proportion of total income coming from non-farming sources except for farms in the smallest size group.

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