Aggressive volleyball by Pete Waite

By Pete Waite

Offers offensive and shielding recommendations in addition to drills geared toward aiding coaches make in-game changes and maximize the abilities in their avid gamers for you to win.

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В данной книге Стивен Лоу берет читателя в путешествие по логически и систематически построених тренировки с использованием собственого веса для развития силы. С высоко систематическим и научним подходом, Стивен рассказывает о физиологии упражнений за подготовку сил. Используя ту же строгость и внимание к деталям, преодоление гравитации также включает в себя рекомендации для спортсменов, для здоровья и управления травмы.

Aggressive volleyball

Offers offensive and protecting innovations in addition to drills aimed toward supporting coaches make in-game alterations and maximize the talents in their avid gamers on the way to win.

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They are taught from kindergarten on to be polite and nice, yet coaches want them to be tough and aggressive. Take a look at the parents of the players on your team and the households they grew up in. From a young age, more and more kids have their parents do almost everything for them, and as a result they don’t learn how to be independent. Yet when they get to high school and college, coaches need those passive, nice players to be strong and mentally tough. Many athletes are drawn to this Player and Team Assessment sport because it is not as rough as, say, basketball, where elbows fly and bodies get knocked around.

Setting footwork patterns: Be quick and efficient. Setting technique and location: Achieve good, consistent results. Blocking footwork: Use quick feet and good balance. Blocking hand positioning: Use high, strong hands with fingers spread. Blocking setup positioning: Use proper eye sequencing from setter to hitter. Service arm swing and hand contact: Use an open chest and a strong hand. Defensive control: Maintain good posture and patience. Coverage posture and positioning: Pause before the hit and balance the court.

The Vertec is freestanding, which allows athletes to take a full approach (devices attached to a wall tend to be more limiting). To conduct testing, allow each athlete to continue jumping as long as he or she keeps improving the score. Once a player misses three attempts in a row, he or she is usually done, and the jump starts fading. To figure vertical jump from the ground up, subtract the player’s standing reach from the best approach jump during the test. The measurement from the ground up is not as valuable to volleyball coaches, but strength coaches sometimes prefer to chart progress in those terms.

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