A Dictionary of Earth Sciences by Michael Allaby

By Michael Allaby

This dictionary of earth sciences has been revised and up to date and includes over 6000 entries, together with planetary technology, distant sensing, statistics, and series stratigraphy, and great updating in paleontology, mineralogy, and geophysics.

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Such a substance does not have an external magnetic field in its pure form, but a distorted lattice may result in a *parasitic magnetization. e. arches) upward, but in which it may not be possible to determine the oldest rocks. It is frequently observed in complex orogenic regions. antigorite See serpentine. antimonite See stibnite. antimony, native Metallic element, Sb; soft, whitish; *crystals *tabular *hexagonal; *cleavage basal; occurs native in association with *stibnite (antimonite). antimony glance See stibnite.

Variations in the height of the drum are transmitted to a pressure scale either mechanically, through a series of levers and a pointer, or electronically. Angara A continental mass of Asia, China, and the Far East that existed during the *Palaeozoic. In the latest Palaeozoic it became joined to *Euramerica along the line of the present Ural Mountains. Angaraland Name given by the Austrian geologist Eduard *Suess (1831–1914) to a small *shield in north-central Siberia, where *Precambrian rocks are exposed, and which was considered to be the nucleus for subsequently developed structural features in Asia.

Amplitude 1. Of a *fold, the height of the maximum displacement of a folded layer 22 measured from a median trace which passes through the *inflexion points of adjacent limbs. 2. Of a wave, the distance between the highest point of the wave and the position of zero displacement. ampulla An inflatable sac at the end of each *tube-foot in the echinoids (*Echinoidea). It controls water pressure in the tube-foot when the muscles in its walls are contracted. amygdale (amygdule; adj. g. *calcite, *quartz, or *zeolites.

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