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In decibelof the loudness of a sound of a specific Intensity is given by L= 10 1 loglo - I() FACTOR ON WHICH INTENSITY OF LOUDNESS DEPENDS :(i) AMPLITUDE:The intensity of sound I is directly proportional to the square of the amplitude (a) so that Iaa 2 (ii) SURFACE AREA OF A VIBRATING BODY :The intensity of sound I is directly proportional to the area of the vibrating body. laA This means that greater the area, larger the energy transmitted and greater is the intensity of sound. \37\ (iii) The intensity of sound also depends upon the density of the medium through which the sound travels from the source and the presence of the other surrounding bodies.

18. 19. 1. 2. 3. 4. Define coefficient of absorption of sound. (IMP) What is musical sound? (IMP) What is a noise? Name the characterstics of musical sound. Define intensity of sound. Give its units. What is pitch of musical sound. Define quality of musical sound. Define accousting of Building. (IMP) Define reverberation. Define stan de red reverberation time. (IMP) Write down the Sabine formula. (IMP) Define Echo. Define Echelon effect. (IMP) Define ultrasonic and infrasonic. What is supersonic wares.

M of amplitude 10-2 m . Its velocity while passes through equilibrium is 10m/sec. Find its frequency. 4. [Ans. M of amplitude 1 cm and time period 4 sec. 5. [Ans. M. in a line 4 cm long. Its velocity when passes through the centre of the line is 12 cm/sec. Find the time period. 7r [Ans. " Upto 19th century there was no consideration of sound effects in the halls, auditorium etc. All the buildings such as cinema halls, theatres etc. were found to have unsatisfactory sound means, as there was huge dearth of knowledge on accoustics.

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