51 Days. No Excuses by Rich Gaspari

By Rich Gaspari

In fifty one Days No Excuses, wealthy Gaspari invitations you on a fifty one day problem to rework your physique and brain with a no excuses process at a way of life swap. With the fifty one day application, it can be crucial you remain the path and notice that you're the in simple terms person who can carry you again. during this booklet you won't in basic terms obtain a regular vitamin and workout plan, yet tales of overcoming stumbling blocks, own setbacks, and the way to stick prompted within the face of adversity. it's not relevant in case your objective is to be a bodybuilder or to only get in greater form, you'll get leaner, greater, ripped and larger within the correct areas with Rich's software in addition to inspired. and also you do not have to fret if you happen to would not have all of the correct gear, in case you think too small, or in case you imagine you're previous your leading. Rich's fifty one day application gets you on course to feeling and looking nice. cease the reasons this present day and watch your physique and brain swap.

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Add a thirty minute catnap if that helps—and make getting more sleep at night a priority. Tonight, turn off the computer, the television, the stereo, and even the smartphone—and get under the covers and close your eyes. If there’s stuff you didn’t get done today, don’t worry about it right now. Get your sleep and you’ll get more done tomorrow—in life and in the gym. Life is all about choices. You can choose to be like all the other young guys and run around until sunrise, or you can sleep and give your muscles adequate opportunity to repair the damage you’ve inflicted on them so you can keep growing bigger and better.

Do you feel like you are stuck in a rut in life and are having a hard time getting started? Are you mad that you can’t get definition in your lower legs? Or your abs? Or build muscle mass in your chest? Good. I’m glad you know you are in a big fight and that this isn’t going to be easy. The old adage is true. Nothing worthwhile comes easy. But when you achieve your ultimate body, it is going to feel even better. You will know what you fought through. If you are a little mad, frustrated, disgusted, or whatever you are feeling right now, that’s fine with me, because those kinds of emotions are what we all need to make a commitment to change.

MEAL 6:8 ounces mahi mahi or other white fish, 1 small potato, 3 ounces steamed string beans, 4 ounces green salad with vinegar. MEAL 7 (optional) : Same as Meal 1. DAY 3 A RICH RECIPE MYOFUSION MUFFINS 1 scoop MyoFusion Protein (any flavor) 1 whole egg OR egg white Water Mix egg and MyoFusion powder in a smallbowl, adding a little water at a time until it reaches the consistency of cake batter. Scoop batter into a small muffin-size cup and cook in the microwave for 30 seconds to one minute. The muffin should rise like a cake would.

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