Первая конференция военных и боевых организаций РСДРП. by КПСС, Под редакцией Ем.Ярославского.

By КПСС, Под редакцией Ем.Ярославского.

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24 For the analysis of populism, see F. Stephen Larrabee, “Danger and Opportunity in Eastern Europe,” Foreign Affairs, Vol. 85, No. 6 (November/December 2006), pp. 117–131; Marian L. Tupy, The Rise of Populist Parties in Central Europe: Big Government, Corruption, and the Threat to Liberalism (Washington: CATO Institute, 8 November 2006); and Civic 1 Part one:Ideologies minta 44 12/7/10 1:27 PM Dragana Dulić Page 44 Jacques Rupnik, Populism in East-Central Europe (Vienna: Institute for Human Sciences, No.

Civic 1 Part one:Ideologies minta 24 12/7/10 1:27 PM Dragana Dulić Page 24 due to this that such a vast historical movement has been bitterly disputed in the last 50 years of the modernization discourse. Many features of modernity, intensified beyond a certain level, produce a reactive response. The assertion of cultural values opposed to modernity is a general characteristic of late industrialism. This may take the form of a revival of ethnicity, a claim for a culture and way of life that often harks back to older communal traditions and which denies the legitimacy of any uniform culture propagated by the large nation-state.

Negative cultural messages have been received both from the capital and from the inner cities. Middle-sized towns have registered waves of youth violence. According to the Helsinki Committee For Human Rights in Serbia’s Annual Report: Serbia 2008, “The year 2008 was marked by violence at all levels—from political, through stadium violence, to school and street violence. This is a reflection of a weak state and, above all, of a blurred strategy for Serbia’s future. ”20 The emergences and/or reemergence of retrograde, deeply conservative ideologies21 expressed in many variations of militant, aggressive, homophobic and provocative public performances,22 bear witness to the serious problems of the country.

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