101 Youth Basketball Drills by Mick Donovan

By Mick Donovan

Designed particularly for youth, this handbook encompasses a wide selection of revolutionary perform drills to aid them increase their basketball talents. enjoyable, academic and tough, the entire drills are illustrated with images or line drawings and canopy the fundamental abilities, together with: warming up ball dealing with passing dribbling taking pictures and rebounding workforce strategies and video game rules. in addition to easy-to-follow directions, each one drill includes details at the gear wanted, the gap required, how one can build a secure and potent exercise session and the way to organise the avid gamers.

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Coaching points: It must be emphasised that the aim should be for the attacking player to move quickly and reach the target with the least amount of bounces of the ball as possible. Progression: The coach can modify the starting points of the players to accommodate the different ability levels. Dribbling 47 drill 39 forty second weak hand drill Objective: To improve technique and speed with the weaker hand whilst dribbling and performing a lay-up shot. Equipment: One player with one ball and the full court.

The coach shouts ‘go’ and the two defenders (crocodiles) attempt to steal the ball from the dribbling players. Once a crocodile has successfully and fairly stolen a ball the player who has lost the ball will become a crocodile and must attempt to regain a ball. The crocodiles must not foul. The players with the ball must give it up if they lose possession, travel or double-dribble (when a player dribbles the ball with two hands simultaneously or stops dribbling and then dribbles again). The coach should call ‘stop’ at three minute intervals to monitor the success of individual players and to change the crocodiles.

36 101 Youth Basketball Drills DRIBBLING 4 Dribbling is an important technique for players to master and particularly important in a one on one situation and when setting up an attacking play. There are a range of different techniques that can be developed. Key principles to remember ■ Place the hand on top of the ball with fingers spread ■ Always push (not slap) the ball firmly to the floor ■ The height of the bounce may vary, but predominantly it should be no higher than waist height and no lower than the knee ■ Keep the head up to observe opponents and recognise teammates who may be in a better position ■ Use the body to shield the ball from oncoming defenders ■ Master the dribbling technique with both hands Enthusiastic players will spend endless hours practising dribbling on their own and this can be easily done with a ball and hard surface.

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