raising healthy kids

Destination: Healthy Living, Healthy Family

Healthy living for a healthy family is made up of many different aspects of life, and at the same time avoiding the “things” and “products” out there trying to steer us in the wrong direction.


“Healthy living” is not a destination that you can simply arrive at via effort and good intention. Nor is it a state that can be achieved and then checked off your bucket list. Living, by definition, is an ongoing process. All aspects of life ebb and flow throughout various seasons, and this is certainly true of your health.

But “health” is also a completely subjective word. What is considered health for one person might not be health for another. For one person, choosing to eat less sugar and going to the park a few times a week might be a major achievement in their process, while for another, choosing to eat non-organic food prepared in a “conventional” restaurant might be a major compromise. The point is—neither is right or better, except in as much as it is right and better for those individuals.

Health as a standard or ideal is not the point; people are. When we focus too much on health as a concept, we tend to take our eyes off of the intrinsic value of the individual, and this is why it can be so easy to slip into judgment.  We need to, instead, realize that all people are inherently valuable, and so the process of improving one’s health is good and noble, regardless of what the specific details of that process look like. Each person must decide for themselves (and perhaps their family) what choices they are going to make and what goals they are going to set in order to continually move toward a richer and fuller life. Only then can the process be freed from judgment or, in other words, be healthy.

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