Committing to a Healthy Lifestyle

How have you been going with committing to a healthy lifestyle? It’s interesting that we can change when we have a reason for our commitment. For example, your kids are active and really want to get out and go for a walk or a swim at the beach but because you are overweight and get too hot or don’t want to get into your swim wear you so “no” because you are a lot more comfortable staying at home in the cool air conditioning, and this scenario happens year after year.

For most parents, our kids and their desire for an active lifestyle, and us wanting to keep up with them are enough to committing to a healthy lifestyle – and personally I believe our kids are the BEST reason ever.

Not only will your commitment to a healthy lifestyle – and being the best role model – benefit the future of your kids, but, the payoff is a longer, healthier lifestyle and future for yourself.

If committing to a healthy lifestyle as a parent is you, and you desire to be the best role model for your kids, there here is a list of commitments for you to make to your child today.

I commit to:

  • Show you that food isn’t a way to deal with stress;
  • Remind you that water is the best way to quench a thirst;
  • Set the example of leading an active lifestyle through regular exercise;
  • Nourish your body with healing foods to help pick you up when you’re sick;
  • Be strong in knowing that sometimes what YOU want to eat is not always the right choice;
  • Persevere with your unwillingness to eat certain foods as I know things take time to nurture;
  • Model good eating habits and try to modify ones that don’t promote a healthy lifestyle to you;
  • Keep my own negative body issues to myself and remind you how beautiful and strong you are;
  • Teach you that treats should be a part of a balanced diet and something we should occasionally enjoy;
  • Do my best in sifting through food-labeling jargon and make an informed choice on which is a healthy option;
  • Amidst a busy schedule, prioritize serving you a healthy meal, even if this means hiding veggies to avoid fussiness after a long day;
  • Approach healthy eating as a learning experience for you and to respect that you may not like everything the first time, as long as we try;
  • Be positive around eating and to keep any food restriction diets to myself so I’m not portraying a belief that foods are something we struggle with;
  • Create awareness around the fact that healthy foods act as fuel to play and be active. Good fuel means you won’t splutter and splatter before the fun is over.

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