Choosing the Best Pets for Kids Native Bees

When choosing the best pets for kids native bees can be a great choice.

Choosing the best pets for kids and for your family can be an interesting process, not to mention emotionally and financially costly process if the pet does not work out for your family.

Our family has had and do have a variety of pets, and our most interesting which has just arrived as our pets is an Australian Native Bee family, which we have purchased and set up in our backyard.

Australian Native Bees are a stingless native bee species only produce small amounts of honey. The are very cute and even peacefully crawl on your hand. These tiny black bees are about 4mm long. Aborigines traditionally harvested Trigona (the species of Australian Native bees that we have) nests for their strongly flavoured, sweet honey. Apparently they used to catch a bee and tie a white feather to its leg with a hair, and then follow the white feather as the bee went back to the hive. Ha! Very clever!

We did not get our bee family from the bush however, we purchased ours from a beekeeper and they were even posted to our doorstep!

When choosing the Best Pets for Kids native Bees are an excellent choice. They are small, quiet, interesting to watch and easy to look after – and best of all don’t sting, or need feeding or a pet-sitter! The native bee is also rewarding producing (a small amount of) honey to harvest each year, and once a year you can even split the hive to double your honey production. The native bee is also great for pollination of any flowers, fruits and vegetables you may have growing in your backyard or locally, and they are a great learning tool for children.