Changing Family Food Habits: Consistency is Key

Oh don’t we just all love that word “consistency”. Once we start being consistent with one area of our lives, chances are we will be “tested” in all areas of our lives.

Because we love our kids and want the best in their lives, consistency is going to be key when it comes to how we raise them when it comes to areas like discipline and of course food. I am not going to even touch on the discipline debate in this post, how you discipline or “behaviour correct” has to be your own revelation. But I am going to discuss Consistency when it comes to food with our kids and families.

Now with consistency when it comes to a topic like food, we should always be finding the best options when it comes to feeding our families, obviously not just giving them the worst consistently every day. I know you would have understood the above statement but just to clarify, here’s an example: If I give my kids fried food every night for dinner and I find much healthier options to feed them, of course I am going to give them the healthier (better way) option because I love them and care for their future (I don’t want them to be sick, tired and overweight). I can stay in the “consistency that I know” or move into “the revelation that I have been given on making healthier choices”. You are a smart person and already know what the right choice should be.

When it comes to consistency with making food changes for our families, be aware for the first 3 – 7 days your kids are going to kick and fight you all the way. Really in essence your kids know that the healthier options are exactly that, “healthier” and they also know that they are the RIGHT choices and but they need you (Mum or Dad) to help them make those choices by eliminating the other options in the household pantry.

It can be difficult to get this message across because the big branded “convenience” companies have found the way to have those foods taste so much more appealing, by adding sugar (yes even to savoury food) and adding salt (yes even to sweet foods)…. grrrr!!!! So be mentally strong when it come to the first 3-7 days, this is your test to be consistent.

If you are seeing behaviour problems or health issues with your children – I encourage you to first and foremost (unless it is an emergency) to give changing your families eating habits a go. A good “go” not just a “try”. It is only 3-7 days out of the rest of your life, but it can make a lifetime of difference.

I am not just writing this post out of “speculation” but out of experience – it works!!! We had to be consistent for the first 3-7 days of changing certain foods in our household. Yes we got the complaining and the tantrums, but what we got within a matter of days were different children when it came to behaviour and health issues.

What I have found is when I stay consistent, my kids know what to expect. Whether you like it or not kids love consistency. And they will love you even more when they know that you only want what is best for their future. Sit down and discuss what you are going to do and why you are going to do it and any bet your family will benefit for the best.

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