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Being in control means being healthy and happy

Most people at some stage eat when they’re not physically hungry maybe at a party or holiday celebration, or sometimes just because the food is so delicious it’s hard to resist. Are you really hungry? When you’re physically hungry you tend to have difficulty concentrating, you can’t perform to the level you usually do, and…

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Keeping the Family Healthy

All children need a high level of nutrients to support their growth and development. Younger children need a constant supply of energy as they grow, while teenagers require energy stores for growth spurts. Unfortunately, despite the abundance of healthy food available in Australia and the nation’s obsession with sport, the incidence of childhood obesity is…

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Fun Exercises for Kids and Activities Specific For Age

The best way for kids to get physical activity is by incorporating some fun exercises for kids and physical activity into their daily routine. Toddlers to teens need at least 60 minutes on most (preferably all) days. This can include free play at home, active time at school, and participation in classes or organized sports.…

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Healthier food choices work for me

Salads and gourmet sandwiches are listed alongside burgers, vegetarian options are popping up everywhere and juices are widely available instead of just soft drinks. Fast food companies have actively targeted health conscious consumers with big-scale marketing campaigns drawing attention to new healthier menu items and even their weight loss potential. But how do you know…

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walking for exercise

Easy Exercise – Walking

Walking is an activity that everyone can enjoy, whether for recreation, social or health reasons. Walking is the easiest and most accessible way for all people to exercise. However before starting, you need to prepare so you avoid injuries. So I’ve included these tips below. Undertake good preparation • Always warm up and cool down…

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Let Me Share My Fat Loss Secrets, For The First Time

Learn my 3 fat loss secrets which helped me release fat and keep it off!!! I found that in getting started with my fat loss goals it was important that I understood why I was doing this and where I wanted to end up. Since having my two daughters I found it hard to get…

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