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Simple Chores for Children

Every family is different but I thought I would share what works well in our family and has done for years. Yes is that Dirty (pun intended) 5 letter word: Chore!! Think back to when you were younger and ask yourself did you have chores that you had to do? Well personally I think every…

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Raising Children

Raising Children: A Dad’s Perspective Raising children has to be the absolute best experience of my life. I have had the joy of raising two beautiful daughters and at the time of me writing this article, one is 17 and the other is 14. I can’t say it has been easy, but I can say…

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5 Simple Tips to Keeping the Kids Organised at Home and School

Keeping organised just comes naturally for some of us and for others, they need to be taught, reminded and taught again lol!! It’s never to late to teach a child how to get organized at home and school and do their best to stay that way. Organisation in the family is key for a peaceful happy…

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Dare to Discipline – Review

 The New Dare to Discipline – Dr James Dobson: Review Dr James Dobson goes to the place where some dare not go as far as discipline is concerned. No this is not a parenting book about beating your child lol!!! This is a book to support the parent looking for answers to questions that they…

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Simple Tips for Nurturing your child

For some parenting doesn’t always come easy and for others healthy advice isn’t always at hand.  Every child has the right to have every opportunity to thrive physically, mentally, socially and emotionally which only sets them up to cope with adult life. Child-raising practices can vary from generation to generation and culture to culture. There’s…

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grooming the next generation for success

Grooming the Next Generation for Success – Dani Johnson – Review

Grooming the Next Generation for Success is full of easy to use tools that WORK. This book helps us pull the best out in our kids. Dani Johnson had made it easy for anyone to apply what she teaches to get results fast. Who ever received a manual for raising kids when their child was born.…

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