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Healthy Eating Basics

You would have heard the saying “we are what we eat”. What we eat and drink will give our bodies the nutrients it needs and our health will reflect this. The other saying you would have heard of is “garbage in, garbage out”, this is a computer terminology but this is also reflective in the…

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Kids Birthday on a Budget

It is very common for parents to want to do something special on their kids birthdays. People often think this means birthdays are expensive events, but sometimes it is hard to find the money for such things. The good news is that special day doesn’t have to mean hundreds of dollars. Kids can still have an…

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Keys to Healthy Spending Habits

If your kids watch TV you would be familiar with those pesky advertisements for the next biggest, smartest or brightest toy or accessory… right? The next thing you hear for the next few hours is how much they want it, need it and have to have it! But do they really want it, need it…

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5 Simple Tips for Pocket Money for Kids

Teaching kids about their own money, saving money versus spending money is so important. Here are a couple of different ideas to think about pocket money for kids. Pocket Money for Kids – Tip #1 Some parents give pocket money for certain jobs to be done around the house while others give their kids pocket…

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5 Simple Tips on Teaching Kids about Money

Whether we like it or not our world revolves around the dollar and the sooner we can help our kids to get an understanding on money the better, it’s never too early to start teach kids about saving, earning and budgeting money. Whether you start early or later in the teenager years, good or bad (I…

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Simple Tips to Saving in a Family Budget – Part 2

I hope you enjoyed my Part 1 of Simple tips to saving in a family budget. Here are some more little ideas to help make family budgeting a little less stressful. I hope you enjoy and get some helpful tips. Saving in the Family Budget Tip 5. Review your Credit Card or Direct Debits weekly…

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Simple Tips to Saving in a Family Budget – Part 1

Everyone wants to have more money to spend on the luxuries in life right? We all want to pay off our debts and be able free to give freely to those in need. There are many alternatives to getting more money, but it all starts with controlling our spending and getting a bit wiser. Personally…

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Meal Planning – 7 Simple Tips

Meal planning is so important with keeping on track so that you don’t look in the fridge and cupboard and freaking out. I find it’s also really important to keeping to a budget. 7 Simple Tips to Meal Planning Meal Planning Tip #1. Set a budget. This can be an interesting exercise to do and if…

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Unclaimed Millions, Money for Christmas

Unclaimed millions, could you cash in? After reading in the news the other day that there is $677 of unclaimed millions waiting to be claimed in Australia, in either forgotten Superannuation accounts, Investments or forgotten Bank Accounts etc., I started thinking about what I could cash in on. Well after of course doing a search…

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Household Budgeting – things to do with children on the school holidays

How to keep kids busy indoors in the school holidays or anytime. Keeping children occupied when you’re indoors isn’t as hard as it seems – and these activities won’t cause money to leak from your finely tuned household budget. Get creative with kids friendly arts and craft projects . Keep the kids entertained with simple…

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